June 20, 2024

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You’ve Got To See This Amazing Underwater Flounder Attack Footage!

Holy Flounder Attack!

Just wait until you see some of the strikes this flounder/fluke angler John Skinner caught on film!

It sucked me right in after the first hit at the 35-second mark.

If you like catching flounder, the intel in this video is priceless (to help you understand just how aggressive these fish are).

This epic underwater footage of flounder fishing with bucktail jigs was captured in 25 ft, which makes this video even more impressive.

In addition to the bucktail jigs, a 2nd bait used was a jighead with a Berkley Gulp on it, so make sure to stick around for the full video.

You can definitely learn a lot about flounder behavior and how they eat by watching this awesome flounder footage.

Enjoy the video, and great job John!

Let us know when you have more underwater footage like this.

Note: All footage in this video was done in Long Island Sound.

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