April 17, 2024

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Yeti Introduces New Sizes of Yonder Water Bottle

Yeti Yonder with Tether Cap

YETI launched two new sizes of its lightweight and nearly indestructible Yonder Water Bottle along with an all-new Tether Cap. The .6L and 1.5L will round out the Yonder family, providing easily transportable hydration on boat, surf, and kayak fishing sessions.

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The .6L Yonder is easy to take, hard to break and so light you will barely notice it’s there. Perfect for long walks down the beach to remote striper spots, the .6L Yonder is sure to be a staple in any drinkware collection. MSRP $22.

Yeti Yonder 1.5L (50-ounce) in Seafoam

When big adventures call for epic excursions into the wild, no one wants to be left dehydrated. Enter the 1.5L Yonder Bottle. This long-haul water hauler is built for the backcountry with its lightweight and nearly indestructible design coupled with a large capacity. MSRP $30

The Tether Cap ensures you’ll never forget the top to your Yonder on the rocks, snow bank, or side of the river again. Attaching to the existing Chug Cap and compatible with all Yonder sizes, the Tether Cap is comfortable to carry by hand and burly enough to clip to a surf belt or backpack with no risk of leaving it behind.

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