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Why the Galapagos Islands Are Great For Blue Marlin Fishing Or Any Pacific Marlin.

The Galapagos Islands have been known since the early 90’s to have some of the most incredible striped marlin fishing on the planet.  Back then Ecuadorian angler and fish exporter Patico Puig had a boat named Texas Girl that fished the waters off San Cristobal.  Texas Girl did not charter but she entertained several guest from mainland Ecuador for a few years.

Then came the stories from our good friend and angler Fernando Mata. Fernando was fortunate enough to have been invited to fish onboard the Texas Girl. He would eventually inspire Ecuagringo founder Braden Escobar to develop the first and longest fishing outfitting company in the Galapagos.

Mata showed pictures validating the capture of 50 plus striped marlin a day.  150 to 200 bites an outing were being reported.  Oddly enough not a lot of mention of blue marlin at the time.  Eventually by 1998 Ecuagringo established itself as the first and only outfitter for the better part of 7 years operating the only boats in the Galapagos available for charter.

Fast forward  today, with thousands of days on the water and many areas fished and explored, we are happy to say that the Galapagos are a true striped and blue marlin paradise.  Black marlin are present to a much lesser degree.  Sailfish are probably along with spearfish the least readily available billfish in the Galapagos.

Well we have come up with a list of reasons you should consider the Galapagos Islands as your next destination for blue marlin:

1- One of the safest island destinations to fish from with virtually no crime.  The three most populated islands all have a good police presence and serious crime is almost not existent. The locals rely on tourism and the economy revolves one way or the other around it so tourist are actually considered the lifeblood and appreciated.  You will probably not find another place as welcoming in all of South America.

2- No visa requirements for USA, Canada or Europe.  Just grab a valid passport and go.  Ecuador has two major international airports in Guayaquil and Quito with daily flights from USA and Spain.  Our host will be sure to meet you outside of customs and we will take care of you every step of the way.

3- Three islands to target blue marlin from.  While Isabela Island is the undisputed champion of the Galapagos if you have your sites on giant blue marlin there are two other islands to consider as well.  Santa Cruz Island has access to 0-30 Bank, areas near Santiago Island and you can run to Floreana Island.

All areas known to produce blue and even black marlin if you are willing to sacrifice the striped marlin and focus on the bigger fish.  Santa Cruz offers the most lodging options, nightlife and restaurants as well as some fantastic tours.

The third island is San Cristobal.  While San Cristobal’s claimed to fame has been the striped marlin fishery the blue marlin fishing is quite good.  If you are willing to give up the often fast paced striped marlin and go after blues you may be handsomely reward.  Numerous black marlin are also caught out of San Cristobal.

4- Abundance of marine life and bait.  To attract predators you need a food source.  Blue marlin feed a great deal off the various tuna species.  The Galapagos are considered a nursery ground for bonito, yellowfin, bigeye, albacore and other tunas all of which blue marlin eat.  On many days tunas can be observed breezing or feeding on the surface.

Humboldt squid are also a blue marlin favorite and there is no shortage of squid in the Galapagos.  Sardines are an important baitfish for many predators and are very common in the Galapagos.

5- Relatively short runs to the blue marlin grounds.  Most blue marlin haunts depending which island you fish from can be 6 to 35 miles out on average.  With terrific sea conditions December to June and boats cruising 23 to 28 knots you are usually fishing in a reasonable amount of time.

6- Tackle to handle large blue marlin.  Ecuagringo is the only outfitter to have invested in mostly 80# and 130# Alutecnos 2 speed Albacore reels.  You will probably not find a finer and smoother Italian made reel to chase blue marlin.  All our rods are custom made in Florida and cater specifically to targeting large fish.

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7- Booking is as easy as calling or emailing us.  We will customize your package to fish, tour and stay in the Galapagos almost anyway your heart desires.  The Galapagos are the type of place to bring the whole family with activities for everyone to do.

Call us today to customize your trip of a lifetime with the first and longest running outfitter for 23 years now in the Galapagos Islands.

Plan your Fishing Vacation Now. Contact us at info@ecuagringo.com or (754) 703-1991

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