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Why rent a private fishing charter?

private fishing charter

If you’re planning to visit Myrtle Beach and you’re thinking of going on a deep sea fishing trip, then you’re probably looking for a private fishing charter. You might have noticed that a few of these charters fall into two distinct categories, public fishing charters, and private fishing charters.

It’s easy to understand the difference between public and private. Private fishing charters or party boat fishing are restricted to just your group of friends or family. Public charters don’t have these restrictions. They can accept anyone until they reach the maximum capacity, regardless if they know one another or not.

Why Fishing Charter Myrtle Beach?

Fishing Success

If you would like to catch fish then you will have more success in a private charter compared to a public one. Private fishing charters in Myrtle Beach are smaller and that means you’ll have less competition. The captain of a private charter will also get to know you better and your experience level. This will allow them to tailor the charter according to your needs and what you could catch. Public charters don’t come with this level of flexibility.

Personal Attention

Public charters can’t provide you with the level of attention that a private charter can provide. They may not have enough crew members or the captain will just be too busy and can’t attend to everyone’s needs.


What’s more relaxing than spending the whole day out in the water with people you know or care about? Privacy is among the biggest advantages of going on a private fishing charter. Nobody will judge your fishing abilities. You also don’t need to be with strangers.

With private fishing charters, you can simply spend your day with the people you love and whose company you really enjoy. You will return from your fishing charter relaxed and exhilarated, not stressed out and grumpy. You know what you’re getting into and who you’ll be with if you go on a deep sea fishing Myrtle Beach trip aboard a private fishing charter.

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