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Vermont Fishing License Guide for 2024

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Vermont is a hidden gem in the northeast. Every bend in each river and the calm waters of each lake offer an invitation you can’t refuse. Whether you’re casting for Trout in the serene streams of the Green Mountains or Bass in beautiful Lake Champlain, the state is ready to welcome you. But before you can reel in your first catch, you’ll need one vital document—a Vermont fishing license.

Looking to explore the rich early morning bite among the cool mist? Perhaps you’re more into wading through the currents of the Lamoille River during the day? Or maybe you fancy a sunset trip to catch the evening feeders. With a valid Vermont fishing permit securely in your pocket, these won’t just be idle daydreams but your real-life stories. Let’s dive into how you can start writing them!

Who needs a Vermont fishing license?

Ready to dip your line in Vermont’s pristine waters? If you’re 15 or older—whether you’re a visitor or local—you’ll need a Vermont fishing license to join in on the angling action. But here’s the good news for younger enthusiasts… Teens from 15 to 17 can snag a youth fishing license at a friendly price!

Who doesn’t need a Vermont fishing license?

In the Green Mountain State, the joy of fishing is accessible to everyone. As should already be clear, kids under the age of 15 can cast fish without a license, diving into the sport from a young age.

But the inclusivity doesn’t stop there. The state’s annual Free Fishing Day opens up the state’s waters to both residents and non-residents, allowing everyone to fish without a license for one day only. Visit the Vermont Fish & Wildlife website for more details on this year’s event and mark your calendar!

Vermont also champions fishing for anglers with disabilities. The following categories of people with disabilities are eligible for free licenses:

  • Legally-blind residents can apply for a free permanent fishing license. Just provide the required documentation from the Division for the Blind and Visually-impaired, and you’re all set.
  • Permanent-mobility disability. Residents with paraplegia or severe physical mobility disabilities are also eligible for a free permanent fishing or combination license. Note that proof of disability is required to qualify.
  • Certain non-residents with disabilities can receive a one-year fishing or combination license for free. If you’re from a state that has a reciprocal agreement with Vermont, bring proof of your disability, and you can get a free permit.
  • Veteran residents with a service-connected disability of 60% or greater are entitled to a free permanent license. Verification from the Veterans Administration is necessary, and this privilege extends reciprocally to eligible non-resident veterans from New Hampshire and Maine.

Information for Residents

Vermont fishing licenses are tailored to fit the needs of every kind of angler. Annual and three-day licenses aside, residents can enjoy extended access to Vermont’s rich fishing grounds with a 5-year license. These remain valid from the date of purchase through the end of that calendar year and continue for the next 4 years.

A view from above of a man wade fishing in a river next to a bridge in a river in Vermont in fall

For fishing enthusiasts aged 15 to 17, Vermont offers a youth license. This permit is crafted to lower barriers and make fishing more accessible to youngsters, introducing teens to the sport at a reduced cost. It’s a fantastic way for the next generation to get into this wonderful sport.

For those looking at fishing as more than just a thing to do, Vermont’s lifetime license is an investment in countless future adventures. Available to both residents and non-residents, these licenses are priced according to the applicant’s age and offer unlimited access to Vermont’s lakes and rivers. The funds generated from the sale of lifetime licenses contribute directly to the Fish and Wildlife Trust Fund.

Information for Non-Residents

Visiting Vermont and want to dip your feet—and line— in the water? Non-residents have access to a variety of fishing license options that cater to short visits and extended stays. In fact, only the permanent license for those 65 and older is exclusively for residents. All the other types are available to visitors, along with some specially-tailored short-term licenses, such as the 1- and 7-day permits.

Non-residents serving in the Armed Forces stationed in Vermont are eligible to purchase their fishing licenses at resident rates. This is the state’s way of saying thank you and welcoming you to take part in this local tradition.

Anything else I need to know?

If you’re a hunting aficionado as well as a passionate angler, you’ll be pleased to know that there are joint hunting and fishing license combos. Annual and 5-year options are available, as well as a little something called the “Lifetime License Lottery.”

For anyone dreaming of unlimited fishing and hunting in Vermont, don’t miss out on the annual lottery draw. For a small entry fee, you could win a lifetime of free hunting and fishing in the state.

The draw takes place at the Fish and Wildlife Board meeting at the end of every year. Enter as often as you like by December 31 to increase your chances of winning this fantastic prize. You can do it online or by downloading a printable PDF application for manual submission. This small step could lead to decades of joy in Vermont’s rich ecosystems!

Vermont Fishing License Cost

So, you now know which license types are available but how much do they cost? Check out our table below to find out how much your ideal license will set you back:

Type Resident Fee Non-Resident Fee
1-Day* N/A $21
3-Day* $11 $23
7-Day* N/A $31
Annual $28 $54
Annual Youth (15-17) $8 $15
5-Year $134 $264
Annual Fish & Hunt Combo $47 $143
5-Year Combo $229 $709
Annual Youth Combo $12 $30
Permanent License (66+) $60 N/A

For information on the lifetime licenses, check out the cost for your age bracket here.

Where to Buy Your Vermont Fishing License

An infographic featuring the flag of Vermont above text that says "Vermont fishing licence, where to buy", along with an illustration of a boat underneath against a blue background

Securing your Vermont fishing license is just as straightforward as the license options themselves. You can get yours:

  • Online. Visit the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department’s official website to purchase your license from the comfort of your home.
  • Authorized License Agents. For those who prefer personal interaction or want some additional guidance, Vermont has numerous authorized agents across the state ready to assist you.
  • Montpelier Office. You can also visit the main VFWD office in Montpelier to purchase your license directly.

Remember, all licenses purchased are non-transferable and non-refundable. You may need access to specific certifications at the time of purchase, and only the applicant can attest to these. If you’re looking to gift a license, consider purchasing a gift certificate from the VFWD online license center. You can redeem these for any eligible hunting and/or fishing license.

What if I lose my license?

If you happen to lose your Vermont fishing license, don’t worry. You can easily reprint it at no additional cost directly from the website. Simply enter your name or conservation ID number and follow the prompts for reprinting. Alternatively, any participating license agent or department district office can reprint your license for a small administrative fee. Feel free to contact the department’s licensing unit at 802-828-1190 to have a copy mailed to you.

Get Your Vermont Fishing License and Set Sail!

A view towards the sun setting across a lake in South Dakota with the silhouettes of two fishing rods visible in the foreground on a clear day

There you go. Armed with the knowledge you’ve gained above, you’re now ready to explore the lush landscapes and vibrant waters that make Vermont an amazing place to wet a line. Whether you’re planning to reel in your next big catch or just enjoy the incredible nature here, everything you need is just a few clicks away. Here’s to great catches and even greater memories in the Green Mountain State!

Hopefully, we covered all your questions about getting a Vermont fishing license. If you still need more info, feel free to contact the Green Mountain State’s authorities directly. If you’re all good, go ahead and get your license. Then, you can find a fishing charter near you and get in on the fun!

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