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Using The Right Fishing Pole

Using The Right Fishing Pole

Bertram 630 - 60ft @ 2.5 million - Bottom fishing for Gulf of Mexico Red Snapper
Source: Flickr

The right fishing pole is necessary for you to be able to catch fish.
Poles that are too long will not offer you enough control over the fishing line. Poles that are too short may snap easily when you are trying to reel in a fish. The right pole is usually determined by your height and the types of fish you want to catch. Larger fish will require thicker fishing line and a thicker fishing pole in order to stand the tension placed on the line.

Common types of fishing rods include fly fishing rods, ultra-light fishing rods, carbon fiber rod, spin casting rods, spinning rods, and ice fishing rods. Each of these rods is available online and can be purchased along with other items that will enhance your fishing experience. If you have never used any of these rods, you should first determine which type of fishing you want to and then find a rod that matches it.

Fly rods are smaller and do not have spinners or reels. Because you need to cast your line out and bring it in slowly in order to attract fish, a reel is not necessary. Fly fishing is difficult to master and not for those who want to catch a lot of fish at one time. If you want to learn how to fly fish, you should take lessons from a friend or professional guide who will be able to teach you the correct technique.

Ultra-light fishing rods are used when fishing in lakes, streams, and ponds. They are used to catch fish using a lure, weight, floater, or live bait. These rods are not heavy, but they can be strong when they need to be. Attached to them are smaller reels that are used to pull in fishing line. You should use these rods when you first start fishing.

Carbon fiber rods are heavier and used for ocean fishing. They can withstand the pull of larger fish. When using these rods, you will have to buy thicker fishing line. These rods are used by those who enjoy competing in tournaments and when fishing for larger fish like salmon, marlin, and tuna. If you want to fish in the ocean, you may need to hire a charter boat and go out with a crew who will be able to show you the best fishing spots and assist if you catch anything.

Spinning rods and spin casting rods are used to help fishermen have more control over their fishing pole. Ice fishing poles are used to catch fish that are swimming under the ice. If you are interested in this type of fishing, you will have to travel to cold places where you can fish on frozen lakes and ponds.

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