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Tuna Season in Panama

Fishing on the Pacific coast of Panama is a popular and exciting activity for both local and international anglers. In particular, yellowfin tuna are highly sought after for their impressive sizes, strength, excellent taste, and their powerful fights when hooked. Panama’s eastern Pacific coast is also known as the Tuna Coast, due to its prolific yellowfin action. Below we outline when the best tuna season in Panama is, and other points to consider when planning your next big fishing adventure.

Tuna fishing in Panama is generally good year-round, but there are peak seasons when tuna swarm the waters more abundantly. Generally, the months between mid-February to August are considered to be the best tuna season in Panama.
Tuna fishing in Panama is commonly pursued in areas along the Pacific coast. These include the Gulf of Panama, Coiba Island, Hannibal Bank, and the Azuero Peninsula. These areas have gained their reputation due to their productive fishing grounds and diverse marine life.
PNC is strategically positioned to be in close proximity and visit regularly these sought-after fishing grounds.
Fishing Charters
Numerous fishing charter companies operate along Panama’s Pacific coast, offering guided fishing trips for both beginners and experienced anglers. We recommend that you research charters that provide well-equipped boats, as well as experienced crew members that are knowledgeable about the best spots in the area.
At Panama Nautical Club, we have twin diesel inboard sportfishing boats with full shade and fighting chairs, as well as our own private marina and dock with fuel service to board your vessels. We also offer complimentary vacuum sealing of your catch, for you to take back with you and enjoy your catch from home.

When planning your trip to Panama, you can refer to our fishing calendar which can help you to target the species of fish you are looking to catch based on the time of year. Panama Nautical Club’s fishing excursions are perfect for beginners and professionals alike. We recommend our fishing trips for anyone who enjoys the outdoors, the water, and making unforgettable memories in the home of some of the best deep sea sport fishing grounds in the world. Book your visit today!


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