July 20, 2024

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This Is What Happens When You Fish For Snook On A 3rd Floor Balcony!

Holy snook catch on the year!!!

Or should I say holy on the money cast of the year!

Wait until you see this video below (filmed on my iPhone 7)

Here’s the backstory…

While we were having our Salt Strong “Monday Company Meeting,” I happened to be standing by the glass window and couldn’t help but notice that there was a snook sitting right down near the water’s edge waiting to ambush the bait fish that are known to roll through the area (turns out there were two snook).

I mentioned the snook to Luke and we all agreed it was worth ending our meeting early to see if we could get a cast on the snook without spooking it.

So we told Tony (who was still on the conference call line while we debated what lure to use) that we’d call him back after we did some snook balcony fishing (probably the first time that had ever been said on a business conference call).

Thankfully we had a rod ready, and Luke got the honors to see if he could catch a snook from three stories high.

Not only were we 3 stories up, but it is a pretty long distance from where we were to where the snook was and there was a tall palm tree in the way.

But Luke had his magic touch, and after a money cast that had the lure go just a few feet in front of the snook, a botched second cast, his third cast had the lure bounce just inches from the snook’s nose, and the snook couldn’t resist!

Thankfully we had three of us there as Will was able to run down, catch the rod, and land the snook.

Talk about an amazing way to end your Monday morning meeting.

Enjoy the first ever snook fishing from a balcony (video shown below).

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