May 26, 2024

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This Has To Be The World’s Largest School Of Cobia!

For those of you that love fishing (and eating) Cobia, this video is going to be bittersweet.


Because although this is certainly the largest school of Cobia the world has ever seen, there are no fishing poles allowed in the area where they live.

Why is life so cruel?

What is going on here is a company called Open Blue, founded by Brian O’Hanlon, set out to Panama to create the world’s largest open-ocean fish farm.

And boy did they ever!

Just wait until you see all of the Cobia in this video.

Why Cobia you ask?

According to their website, a single 7-oz serving of their open water Cobia has the same Omega 3 as 67 7-oz servings of rib-eye steak.

Pretty cool.

And if you haven’t eaten Cobia before, you are missing out. One of my favorite fish to eat.

Keep up the great work Open Blue! We love cobia here at Salt Strong, and we will be happy to taste test it whenever you need help…


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