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The week was slower, but there were still plenty of marlin.

Galapagos Islands Marlin Fishing Report

San Cristobal Island Striped Marlin March 13-16, 2023
The last few days of fishing out of San Cristobal Island for striped marlin have yielded in various boats fishing 0-30, Rosa Blanca and the Españolas banks from 3 to 20 raises of striped marlin per day.  Española Bank seems to be the most consistent but crews have traveled to other banks for mixed results.  Water continues to be 81 to 82 F around San Cristobal Island.  Birds, bait, dolphin, sharks and other marine life are still being seen in most cases.

Vertigo 2 with Peter Santini reported raising close to 40 striped marlin over form March 13 to 16 and releasing a total of 10 in 4 days from March 13 to 16.

Johnamar fishing with guests John and Jessica Meadows released 2 big striped marlin March 15 and 16 and raised about about 7 fish in two days as reported by the captain.  Nevertheless birds and bait were seen on Española and Rosa Blanca banks but fish were not very active for them.

Isabela Island Blue Marlin Report
Patricia captained by Yuri Gutierrez and fishing with Michael and Cadence Stewart finally saw much better water color and conditions after almost 3 weeks of horrible green water.  They fished March 13 to 15 for their firs half of their trip.  March 13 finally brought blue water but no bites.  March 14, blue water birds, bait and 9 tunas caught but no marlin.  March 15, crew reported a blind hard knockdown and saw a  dorsal fin but could not confirm what type of billfish.  Conditions remained good.  Today they are out fishing again and more reports to come.  Giant blue marlin fishing requires patience at times.

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Folks there are still open dates to book San Cristobal Island striped marlin for April and May with some limited dates for Isabela Island blue marlin.

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