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The Striped Marlin Bite is a Decent Striped Marlin Action

Galapagos Islands Marlin Fishing Report

The last few days may have not produced really high numbers everyday of striped marlin because the main focus was fly fishing with 2 teasers. However, they did produce 3 out of 4 days of very aggressive and big fish.  Española Banks are where it has been. Most of the year fishing out of San Cristobal Island.

April 10, 2023– Fly fishing day onboard Patricia with Captain Yuri Gutierrez and anglers Peter Gelfand and Jamie Melvin headed to Española Banks.  They raised 19 striped marlin on the teaser.  The fish were very finicky and had no aggression. They teased up 9 but only got two half assed bites that the fish missed the fly.

April 11, 2023– Fly fishing action continues onboard Patricia where they would raised 9 striped marlin with a lot more aggression and teased 6 and managed to get 5 bites and releases 4 including a first ever in the Galapagos double header of striped marlin on fly.

Peter and Jamie each caught a striped marlin going 2 for 2 on fish that teased in at the same time.  To release 1 striped marlin in a day is a good day but 4 is including a double header is a hell of an accomplishment.

April 12, 2023– Last day fly fishing onboard Patricia raising 10 striped marlin and getting  6 stripeys to the teasers to cast flies.  Three  bites on fly and and three releases on the fly made for a 100% perfect day!.  Fish were very aggressive!  Great way for Peter Gelfand and Jaimie Melvin to end their Galapagos multi island adventure.

April 13, 2023– Vertigo 1 heading out with angler Ted Cawkwell had 23 raises, 7 bites on conventional and released 4 big striped marlin. One fish was reported to be well over 300#. First mate Humberto Hernandez reported lots of bait.

Folks if you want to fish the best marlin action in the Pacific then now is the time to go.  We have complete private custom packages and some shared trips announced for 2023 and 2024.  Come fish with us and we will show you a great time.

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