July 24, 2024

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The Search For Monster 40+ Inch Snook [VIDEO]






No matter what you call it, landing a 40+ inch snook is something special…

And it’s a fish that drives many inshore anglers crazy.


Let’s just say there is a reason a snook reaches 40+ inches…

It’s been able to outsmart, outswim, and survive many years of anglers throwing plugs, live bait, and flies in its face.

Not to mention, avoid being eaten by sharks and dolphin…

So it’s no easy feat to get one of these monsters to inhale your lure or topwater plug.

Just ask Capt. Archie Hager…

He’s been down near Boca Grande chasing slobs for years.

Wait until you see the video he, Jeff Thompson, and Mac Hoover put together.


Enjoy and well-done gents.

The Search For 40-inch Snook

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Pretty awesome snook video, huh?

It certainly has me itching to go searching for 40+ inches on topwater.

There’s just nothing like seeing one of these big girls come up and hit something on the surface.

So what’s your biggest snook?

Let me know in the comments.

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