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The Best Times for Deep Sea Fishing

deep sea fishing Myrtle Beach

If you’re a fishing enthusiast, you probably know that any time spent fishing is a good time. However, some periods of the year offer even more exciting deep-sea fishing opportunities. Along Myrtle Beach, from late spring to early fall, you’ll find prime conditions for deep sea fishing. Let’s dive into each month to help you plan your fishing adventures.

Best Time For Deep Sea Fishing

Fall Fishing:

October – November: These months may be quieter, but they offer plenty of opportunities to catch big trophy fish, including King Mackerel, Groupers, Amberjack, Sailfish, and Mahi Mahi. The fishing quality often improves before or after the peak season, making October and November ideal months for deep sea fishing in Myrtle Beach.

Winter Fishing:

December and January:  Some fish prefer cooler waters. Grouper and Yellowtail snapper are popular targets during this season. Fishing in Myrtle Beach and around structures like oil platforms can lead to encounters with larger predatory fish, such as Yellowfin Tuna. While there might be a bit more wind, the overall fishing conditions remain manageable.

Spring Fishing:

February – March: This is the season for pursuing Yellowfin Tuna. These fish prefer warmer waters, so you’ll often find them closer to the shore during these months. Cobia also start making appearances in March, making it an ideal time for some thrilling sight fishing.

April – May: As the waters start warming up, the big fish return. Yellowfin and Cobia become active, and baitfish begin to move from sheltered structures to open waters. This is still an excellent time for Yellowfin, and you can also target Groupers as they migrate back to shallower areas. May is a particularly fruitful month for Yellowfin and tuna.

deep sea fishing Myrtle BeachSummer Fishing:

June – July: June is just shy of being the busiest time for charter fishing. Red Snapper season kicks off in June, offering plenty of opportunities. July is even more exciting, with targets like Spanish Mackerel, Gag Grouper, Almaco Jack, King Mackerel, Lesser Amberjack, and Banded Rudderfish. Yellowfin Tuna are still abundant during this period. June sees less competition, while July is bustling with fishing enthusiasts.

August – September: August generally brings calm waters, making it perfect for family fishing trips. The Greater Amberjack season opens on August 1, offering the chance to catch some remarkable fish.

Lesser Amberjack can be targeted year-round. In September, King Mackerel season shines, and with the absence of the Snapper season, there are fewer visitors and fishers around.

So, when is the best time for Myrtle Beach deep sea fishing? Well, in reality, almost any time can be perfect for pursuing trophy fish in the deep sea, depending on your preferences and the species you want to catch. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a novice, Myrtle Beach offers year-round opportunities for unforgettable deep-sea fishing experiences.

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