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The Best Boating Apps on Your Phone

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With smartphone technology becoming more and more advanced, there are many things that your phone can now do to aid with both navigation and fishing. Whether you’re trying to record your fishing spots, track weather, or plot a course, there’s software to help you do that. Today, we’ll present some of the best boating and fishing apps for your smartphone.

Before we begin, remember that the apps we’ve picked out are just a few of many on the market. Your phone may already be loaded with all kinds of stuff to help you on the water. If it works for you, stick with it! However, if you’re still trying to find a perfect tool to make your fishing trips run smoother, have a look at our list.

Clime: NOAA Weather Radar Live

Weather is what makes or breaks a fishing trip, so keeping track of it is an absolute must. Furthermore, the conditions can, at times, change abruptly, putting your safety on the water at potential risk. To tackle this, you’ll want an app that’ll give you real-time information and alert you of any significant changes. 

Clime draws its weather data directly from the NOAA, allowing you to stay ahead of precipitation, high winds, or storms. It also serves up all the information with beautiful radar imagery, making it easy to track weather changes as they happen. The basic app is free to use, though you’ll need to subscribe to get access to its more advanced features.

Download Clime: Android, iOS.


Another good option for weather tracking is an app called Weatherbug. It’ll provide you with information on both the current and future weather conditions, including wind speeds. The app also sends alerts for storms, hurricanes, and similar events that could get in the way of your trip.

Like the previous app we mentioned, Weatherbug also offers a live radar view. This allows you to keep track of how the weather fronts are moving in real-time. All of these features come free with the app, though it does have ads in it.

Download Weatherbug: Android, iOS.


If you ever wondered what it would be like to have a boating version of Waze, KnowWake is kind of like that. It uses crowdsourced data to provide you with real-time information about hazards on the water, patrols, marine life sightings, and similar events. Besides that, it also holds info on things such as local marinas, restaurants, shops, and spots to visit.

The drawback, of course, is that you won’t get a lot of real-time information if the other boaters in your area aren’t using the app. But as long as you’re in a popular boating location and you need a simple app to navigate around, KnowWake will do the trick. And, considering the app is free to use, it provides a lot in terms of navigation. It covers all coastal US waters, as well as numerous inland lakes.

Download KnowWake: Android, iOS.


A photo of a center console boat riding through the waters.

With a comprehensive set of features, Navionics is one of the best navigational apps out there. It can serve as a replacement for your boat electronics or as an add-on to them. For example, if you don’t want to go split-screen on your fishfinder, you can use Navionics to turn your phone into a chartplotter. Also, since it’s powered by Garmin, you can log into it with your Garmin account if you have one.

The app will also let you place markers, which is useful for recording fishing spots, and track your journey throughout the day. In addition to all of this, you can transfer data from the app onto other navigational equipment you own. To get the most out of Navionics, you’ll need to subscribe. However, you can first test the app through a free trial and see if it works for you before committing.

Download Navionics: Android, iOS.


A photo of a yacht being towed by a smaller boat, along with a third vessel in the water.

The final boating app you’ll want to check out is BoatUS. It’s the official app of the Boat Owners Association of the United States. It will provide you with all kinds of weather data, including hurricane alerts and small craft advisories. You’ll also be able to find local marinas through the app.

With these features in mind, the main reason you want to use BoatUS is because you can request towing assistance through the app. Members of the association also get a few benefits. They can use the app to access their account, view their policy, and make claims or payments.

Download BoatUS: Android, iOS.


Now that we’ve covered a few apps related to your boat and the weather, it’s time to focus on some that’ll help you with fishing specifically. There are many options available, but you’ll find that Fishbrain is one of the best fishing apps out there. 

A photo of anglers fishing for Marlin, with the fish leaping out of the water.

At its core, Fishbrain is a huge online community for anglers. Its users contribute to the platform by providing information on fishing spots, species they catch, the gear they use, and similar useful data. Besides telling you where to fish, you can also buy fishing gear through Fishbrain’s marketplace. The app will also provide you with fishing and weather forecasts. This includes information about tides and lunar cycles.

The basic version of Fishbrain is free, but there’s a monthly subscription for the Pro version. Among a few other benefits, subscribers get access to exact places where other anglers caught fish. Also, you’ll get recommendations regarding which bait to use, making it easier to prepare for a trip. If you’re a charter captain, using Fishbrain could be another way for you to discover new spots or track where the bite is.

Download Fishbrain: Android, iOS.


Even if you put it up against Fishbrain with its extensive features, FishAngler is a fantastic app to have on your phone. It’ll allow you to record your catches, as well as see weather and marine forecasts. In addition to this, FishAngler will help you discover new fishing spots, and connect with fellow anglers. At the time of writing this article, it’s the highest-rated fishing app on both Google Play and App Store.

The app presents the fishing spots other anglers recorded on detailed maps. These include information on all the species people caught at each spot. In the app, you’ll also see advice regarding the best times to fish, which bait to use, and what gear to bring. To top this off, FishAngler is free to use so there’s no need to hesitate about trying it out.

Download FishAngler: Android, iOS.


A photo of a captain behind a boat helm, looking at his phone, possibly using a boating or fishing app.

Much like the other two fishing apps we’ve covered so far, ANGLR will let track your fishing trips, record your spots, and view it all on a map. What sets the app apart though is that many things, such as recording the fishing conditions, are automatized, making it very easy to use.

Some of the other things ANGLR will let you do is input the fish you catch and set waypoints along your travel route. You can also build a virtual tackle box and track your gear and equipment through it. ANGLR is free to download, but there are add-ons within it that you can opt to purchase.

Download ANGLR: Android, iOS.

And Many Others!

As you read this, there are other fishing and boating apps being worked on, released, or improved upon. It’s all about finding the ones that suit your needs best. Also, don’t be afraid to make a change! If you the apps you’re using right now aren’t working as well as you’d like, try experimenting with new ones. 

An infographic image showing two screenshots from FishingBooker's My Trips app along with some text pointing out the apps main features.

Finally, take a look at FishingBooker’s own captain app! While it won’t help you catch fish or drive your boat, it’ll let you manage your FishingBooker listing and the bookings we send your way. It’s available for both Android and iPhone!

What are your favorite boating and fishing apps? Do you use any apps to help you navigate on the water? Let us know in the comments below!

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