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Tenerife Fishing Guide

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It doesn’t get much better than casting a line in the heart of the Atlantic Ocean. And what better place to head out from than the largest island of the Canaries? Fishing in Tenerife is truly something to behold. After all, where do you think all that seafood for paella comes from? From casting a line on the beach to offshore adventures, this volcanic island has it all.

And that’s why we’re here today – to make it easier for you to plan your next angling getaway. We’ll show you why Tenerife is at the top of many anglers’ wish lists. You’ll learn all about the most coveted catches, the best spots to cast your line from, and some techniques and tips. By the time you’re done reading, we’re sure that you’ll be booking a trip to Tenerife. So let’s get started.

Tenerife Fish Species

This rocky island in the middle of nowhere is a magnet for fish of all shapes and sizes. From the warm waters of the bays out to the deep sea honey holes, you can find something biting year-round. With Carp available in some of the fresh bodies of water too, an angling escape here could be anything you want it to be. But we’ll focus on the saltwater side of things. And with that, let’s meet the stars of the show…

Rockfish and Dentex

We’ll start close to shore, where there’s a range of dazzling and delicious fish on offer. Rockfish hiding in the reefs and rocky bottoms are numerous. Not just that, but they’re joined by a number of other colorful creatures, such as Wrasse, Pufferfish, Damselfish, Seabream, and more. While these fish may not grow to impressive sizes, they are incredibly fun to target and provide angling opportunities for the whole family. Some are even delicious when fried up!

But there are two nearshore fish that vie for the crown of being a top game fish while also offering great table fare. We’re talking Pandora and Dentex. Similar to Snappers, these pinky fish are delightful on all fronts. Head out on a boat for the best shot at landing an oversized member of the Dentex family. You can mix up trolling and bottom fishing for them, too. All in all, you’re in for a treat however you go after all of these beauties.

Barracuda and Rays

Two other prized nearshore creatures are Barracuda and Rays. Much like Rockfish and Dentex, they can be caught from shore or from a boat, since they also hunt the nearby shallow waters. In fact, Barracuda often feast on some of the smaller fish we’ve already spoken about, so it’s not a bad idea to use your earlier catch as bait.

An angler in a cap holding a Barracuda caught on a charter fishing boat in the Atlantic on a cloudy day

As for Rays, they usually feed on mollusks and crustaceans, so you know what that means. Yep, shrimp, squid, and crabs will do the job, but they’ll also feed on sardines, too. Just make sure to lower your chosen bait right to the sea bed as you try bottom fishing. Barracuda, meanwhile, are far less picky and can be caught through trolling, too. Beware, though, both are strong fighters and promise to run away with your line at speed. You’d better be prepared for a tiring battle!

Mahi Mahi and Tuna

Speaking of battles, things only get better the further out you get. And there are two world favorites out in the deep waters of the Atlantic. Even if you’ve never been fishing before, you know all about Tuna. But did you know that you can target four species of Tuna in Tenerife? Albacore, Blackeye, Yellowfin, and monster Bluefin Tuna call these waters home at different times of the year, so there’s always the chance of landing a trophy catch.

A group of anglers back on the dock after a successful fishing trip in Tenerife hold three Tunas they caught

These fish also promise to put up a serious fight, as they can dive deep with your line. And there’s another species that promises a similar challenge. Mahi Mahi are among the few fish that can rival Tuna for their meat qualities, and their game qualities are not lacking far behind. These creatures swim fast and far (rather than deep) once hooked. And, while they tire more quickly than Tuna, they’ll wriggle and leap in an attempt to break free.

Marlin and Spearfish

Think that nothing could top a Tuna or Mahi battle? That’s just the warm-up. Billfish steal the show in Tenerife when they show up – and we’ll get to the specifics on that a bit later. Not one but two species of Marlin (Blue and White varieties) provide an acrobatic show in the heart of the Atlantic, and they’re backed up by their impressive cousins, Spearfish.

Two middle-aged anglers hold a Marlin on the deck of a Tenerife fishing charter

Spearfish live and hunt in the serious deep waters, so you’ll need some specialized gear to reach ’em. Don’t worry, there are plenty of deep sea fishing charters waiting to take you to sea. While you’ll be targeting Marlin by trolling, that doesn’t mean reeling ’em in will be any easier. Far from it. We already mentioned acrobatic shows, and that’s what makes these fish special. Get ready to face off against serious head thrashes and leaps out of the water, as these fish put up a battle for the ages.

Tenerife Fishing Seasons

Now you know what you can catch, but when to go about it? Fishing in Tenerife is possible year-round and, with good weather year-round, there really is never a bad time to visit. That being said, not every fish is available throughout the year. Many of the pelagic creatures visit at different times of the year. Have a look at our table below and see when your chosen fish is in season.

Species Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Barracuda Good Good Good Good Good Fair Fair Fair Good Great Great Great
Dentex Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good
Mackerel Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great
Mahi Mahi Weak Weak Weak Good Good Great Great Great Good Fair Weak Weak
Pandora Good Good Good Good Great Great Good Good Good Good Good Good
Rays Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great
Rockfish Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great
Tuna Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great
Wahoo Weak Weak Fair Good Good Great Great Great Great Good Fair Weak

As you see above, Tuna are available throughout the year. For what it’s worth, Albacore are usually around all the time too, Bigeye are possible from November through August, while Bluefin peak in spring and again in fall. If you’re looking for Yellowtail, summer is best, and this is when Mahi Mahi show up too. Come in spring and stay through summer, and you’ll have a shot at Billfish, too. Not bad, eh?

How to Go Fishing in Tenerife

As we’ve said above, bottom fishing or trolling is the name of the game when it comes to fishing in Tenerife. But that’s not all. The more adventurous among you can try your hand at offshore fly fishing. You’ve already read enough about the fine details, so we’ll introduce you to some ways you can go about getting out on the water and trying out your favorite techniques.

Tenerife Shore Fishing

A rear-view image of an angler casting into the surf in Tenerife at sunset

Ask anyone whose never been fishing before what they imagine it looks like and something like shore fishing is bound to be their answer. Rock up with your gear and bait, set up for the day, and cast to your heart’s content. The beauty of fishing from shore in Tenerife is that, unlike many other places around the world, casting from shore can be incredibly productive. The reefs are just a cast away, and there are plenty of exciting fish for you to target.

On all sides of this tropical island, you can find beautiful beaches to make your angling dreams come true. From populous spots with plenty for the whole family to secluded corners, far away from civilization. You should be aware that many locals like to take to the shore to cast their lines at night. We suggest following suit or heading out first thing in the morning to make the most of that early bite.

Tenerife Charter Fishing

A Tenerife fishing charter makes its way out to sea on a sunny day

If you’re hoping to make the most of the offshore fishing on offer in Tenerife, there’s only one option for it. Unless you have your own boat, that is! Hopping on a charter, of course. The benefits of teaming up with a local captain are endless. Not only will you have the benefit of a vessel to take you to the deep sea honey holes but you’ll also get to learn from a crew that knows these waters like the back of their hand. And with all the gear included, you’ll want for nothing all day.

In more good news for anglers looking to hop on a charter, the sweet spots are just a few miles offshore. That means you’ll waste no time in getting to the fishing grounds, so you can go out and target those pelagics in a trip as short as 6 hours. Of course, shorter and longer trips are available, depending on your skill level and goals. We suggest nearshore trips for first-timers and families, with big game excursions for those wanting to seriously test their strength.

Tenerife Spearfishing

An underwater view of a freediving spearo with spearfishing equipment such as a mask, snorkel, gloves, fins, wetsuit, and speargun

Before we wrap up on the ways you can go fishing in Tenerife, we just need to mention one slightly different way of landing that catch. While spearfishing is certainly not the same as casting a line with a rod and reel, it’s a staple of the angling scene in the Canary Islands.

From the stunning underwater metropolises of the reefs to the big open blue, there’s something for spearos of all levels. Naturally, we suggest you start off in the calmer waters against smaller fish before testing your strength against Tuna, Mahi Mahi, or any other pelagic species. Just beware that you’ll only be allowed to free dive (without scuba gear) when spearfishing in Tenerife.

Top Fishing Spots in Tenerife

An infographic showing the best Tenerife fishing spots against a blue background with the FishingBooker logo in the bottom-right of the image

By now, it should be clear that fishing spots are aplenty in Tenerife. But where exactly should you head? From hidden shore fishing locales to bustling marinas, all the way out to some prized wrecks and beyond, there’s no bad place to go. But anyway, here’s our list of where we think you should cast a line:

  • Los Gigantes. With access to the famed underwater volcanic rocks of La Atlantida, this resort town is already a favorite with tourists. And with its impressive cliffs offering purchase for you to cast a line, and a marina chock full of charter boats, it’s a fishing haven.
  • Costa Adeje. This town is mostly known for its large charter fleet offering. The waters here get deep pretty quickly, so it’s the ideal starting point for an offshore adventure. Don’t miss out on the chance to fish from the Puerto Color harbor, too, where you can target big fish right from shore.
  • South Waters. Okay, so we’re cheating a bit with this one. But the best offshore fishing grounds in Tenerife are on the south side of the island. Head out with a guide and explore the deep waters, and you’re sure to come up against a pelagic or two.
  • Radazul. Much like Los Gigantes on the opposite side of the island, Radazul is known for its diving opportunities along the rocky bottoms. Night diving is especially popular here, and Rays are likely to be top of your menu.
  • Roque Bermejo. Last but not least, Roque Bermejo is a place for real fishing aficionados. You’ll need to work your way over the mountains to get to this remote destination where few tourists ever go. You’ll be rewarded with views to die for and a completely unspoiled fishery. In fact, anywhere on the Anaga Peninsula is worth casting a line from!

Tenerife Fishing Rules and Regulations

An infographic featuring the Canary Islands flag, a vector of a boat, and text saying "Tenerife Fishing Regulations: What You Need to Know" against a blue background

Just before we let you go, we’ll just let you in on some final important details you should know before casting a line in Tenerife. If fishing from shore, you’ll need to get a recreational fishing license. Most charter operators have these included in the price of your trip, but it’s good to check with your captain in the event that you won’t be covered.

Spearfishers will also need a special permit to go underwater hunting. The “class 2” license is available in the same way as your conventional permit, and you can apply online or in person at any of the offices linked here. Other than that, you should be aware of other regulations concerning size and bag limits. These vary depending on whether you’re fishing from shore or from a boat, and you can find what applies to you with the regulations outlined here.

Tenerife Fishing: Your Next Real Getaway

A view from the hill of a bay and beach in Tenerife, with a jetty protecting some of the nearshore waters

So there you have it. We’ve run through all you need to know about casting a line in the Canaries’ biggest island. With flights from all over Europe making it possible to visit throughout the year, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t make it your next holiday destination. After all, where better to get away from it all than on a tropical island in the heart of the ocean?

Have you ever been fishing in Tenerife? How was it? Any tips you’d like to share with us? Maybe you have a question? Reach out in the comments below. We love hearing from you!

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