March 1, 2024

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Taste of the Coast…..The Boundary House

Calabash, North Carolina is the hot spot for many great restaurants with dishes that make our mouths water. The selections for seafood and steaks, and window views that make it all the better, create a bit of confusion as to which choice to make.

My in-laws that live about 2 hours from us invited my husband and me to have dinner there. As many times as I had been to Calabash, I had just never eaten at the Boundary House. I was totally game to try it. When we got there, a crowd was waiting for seating. As it is a lot of times like this, you spark up conversations with the other folks waiting and form a type of friendship that will probably not go beyond that moment, but it makes the wait time enjoyable. Some were telling us how wonderful the food was, and others were like myself, there for the first time, waiting to see if what we were standing there for lived up to the reputation that preceded it. The Boundary House atmosphere was so relaxing inside. Our hostess seated us with a smile and a “Glad to have you tonight” welcome. Getting out of your own kitchen and into someone else’s is already the start of a good meal. I sat back and relaxed while sipping on my glass of white wine.

The menu choices were incredible, but I knew I wanted the Shrimp and grits, a good ole’ southern favorite of many. It’s one of my most favorite dishes so it was without question I would order it here. My family members had their favorites as well. My father-in-law always comes for the steaks and my husband never misses a chance to eat Prime Rib. My mother-in-law, well she can eat a rack of baby back ribs without coming up for air. (Don’t tell her I said that.) The food was by no means a disappointment. Those were the creamiest grits and the ribs must have been delicious because all that remained was a small pile of bones sucked dry. The best part is, you are never rushed by anyone in the restaurant to hurry up so you can give up your table to someone else. It all flows smoothly…relaxed and inviting.

Just a note on the décor…all the interior wood, pictures on the walls, and fish and fowl on the wall around the bar area make this beautiful restaurant quite a pleasure to visit. I suggest you do that and have yourself a relaxing beverage while you wait.

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