March 1, 2024

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Tackle Tips: Removable Inline Planer System

By Tommy Greene, Owner, Custom Rod and Reel, Lighthouse Point, Florida

Planer fishing is an effective way to target wahoo. Traditional systems utilize a planer that is permanently fixed to the line. In this case, the angler reels the swivel to the rod tip before handlining the wahoo and 75’ of leader to the boat. This tip makes the planer removable, allowing the angler to reel the planer to the rod tip, easily remove it and reel the fish and leader to the boat—no more handlining.

This tip is recommended for reels spooled with braided line.

  1. Tie an 18-inch section of 100-pound braid to two SPRO Power Swivels (low profile barrel swivels). The low-profile swivels can be reeled through the rod tips and onto the reel.
  2. Connect one side of the braid section to the mainline on the reel and tie the other off to the leader that connects to the bait.

Planer preparation:

  1. Connect a double snap swivel to each side of the planer. Tommy Greene and company recommend using #3, #4 or #6 planers depending on the situation.
  2. Close the snap swivel that connects to the planer on each side.
  3. Cut the curved clasp section of the swivel on the opposite side (as pictured). This keeps the swivel open, making it easy to remove when reeling in a wahoo.
  4. Run the modified snap swivel through the eye of the SPRO Power Swivel that connects the 100-pound braid section. Do this on each side.

Custom Rod and Reel sells all of the pieces for this set up in their shop. All the pieces are color-coordinated, making it easy to remember which set up goes with which planer.

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