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Swordfish In The Galapagos?

The Galapagos Islands Are Home To Large Swordfish

The stories of local artesanal fishermen finding giant swordfish being chased up on the rocks by sea lions are not far fetched. In 2005 a swordfish estimated over a 1000 pounds was wrestled away from sea lions by local fishermen in a pool between rocks in Canal Bolivar on Isabela Island.

The deep channel area that divides Fernandina and Isabela islands is well known by locals for the common sighting of swordfish. Predators such as sharks, orcas and sea lions have been known to chase large fish into coastal pools and beaches.

With so many drop offs, structure and deep dwellings containing lots of squid it’s no wonder that there are so many swordfish in the Galapagos. Swords weighing 100 to 400 pounds are a common site unloaded by locals on Santa Cruz Island.

For years there was very little or no pressure on swords. Recently local artisanal fishermen from Santa Cruz Island have been targeting the gladiator of the deep for commercial purposes.

The building of a local fishing processing center for the artisanal cooperative has made it easier for fishermen in the Galapagos to process and export out their catches.

Long-lining is prohibited in park waters and large nets or extensive commercial means of capture are not allowed. While enforcement is vague and inefficient there is no local market for swordfish and the export is limited for now to some few fishermen who target them.

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Isabela Island May Be The Best Hotspot For Swordfish In The Galapagos

Swordfish are quite commonly seen swimming on the surface of Isabela Island waters. No other known area of the Galapagos where boats are frequently navigating through report as many swordfish sightings as the waters off the coast of Isabela.

The few local fishermen out of Isabela Island will sometimes target swimming swords with a harpoon. Ecuagringo boats targeting giant blue marlin out of Isabela Island will encounter surface swimming swords.

The whole Southern contour of Isabela Island looking East and West produces swordfish. The upwellings attract loads of bonito and Humboldt squid which swordfish prey on.

Isabela Island is becoming known for its giant and grander blue marlin. Tuna and wahoo are very common and swordfish as well. The island hosts some of the best tours in all of Galapagos.

With a population around 3,500 people it is laid back and easy going. A great place with no crime for families to fish and tour. Fishing starts about 6 to 8 miles from port.

If You Want To Fish Swordfish In The Galapagos

Ecuagringo is the only outfitter with an investment in the Lindgren Pittman and other electric reels to target swordfish. We have full electrics or hand assisted reels to meet the level of challenge you want to experience during daytime sword fishing.

There are many areas 800 to 3000 feet of water that hold swordfish for anglers to try as well as large grouper and other deep bottom dwellers. Contact us today to help you put together a custom package.

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