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Summer begins with fun in the sun

Galapagos Marlin Fishing Report

The Galapagos Islands are a true year round fishery for striped marlin.  Seas do tend to get rougher come June to November.  However, for those willing to fish the summers they are often rewarded with being the only boat on the water and a decent amount of fish.  This summer is extra special with waters staying warm with El Niño event happening.  We are also running a summer special with 20% OFF from now until August 31, 2023 for any complete package to fish or tour the Galapagos.

June 1, 2023–  Started out with Española Bank not offering much along the lines of striped marlin.  Rosa Blanca has been the place to be.  Patricia fished on Rosa Blanca with James Lankin and Matt Nothdurft fished onboard the Patricia.  They raised 8 striped marlin had 3 bites on but were not able to keep any hooked and brought to the boat.

June 2, 2023– Stephan Nave and family fished Santa Fe Island for wahoo and mahi mahi.  The grandkids had fun bringing in 3 wahoo and 4 mahi mahi plus loosing a few more.

June 3, 2023– Nave family heading into choppy seas as they made way for Española Banks and the fish were just not cooperating getting only two bites out of 4 striped marlin that spit the hook.

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June 4, 2023– Stephan Nave and family headed for West side of San Cristobal and bottom fished catching smaller reef fish and 3 nice wahoo 40 to 60 pounds along with a tuna and mahi mahi.  It was a fun day with kids getting the better part of the action

June 5, 2023– Nave family onboard Patricia went to Rosa Blanca Banks and found some decent action raiding 10 striped marlin getting 8 bites and releasing 6.  Due to kids onboard and choppy seas they returned early after catching 6 nice stripeys.

Water continues to average 80 to 81 F throughout the Galapagos thanks to El Niño.  Take advantage and come fish with us this summer and save 20% off all complete packages.  Choose between striped marlin on San Cristobal or the giant blue marlin of Isabela.

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