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Striper Migration Map – June 23, 2023

The days leading up to the new moon might have been a little lackluster (for a June new moon), but since the moon, the bass (and bait) have dialed it up to 11 in parts of New England.

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Striper Cup 2023

Maryland/Chesapeake Bay Striper Fishing Report

Summer regulations inside Chesapeake Bay allowing anglers one striped bass between 19 and 31 inches per day are in place. Summer resident stripers are being caught on soft plastics and live spot throughout the bay and Susquehanna Flats.

Before fishing, be sure to check the Department of Natural Resources website for a map to locate areas open or closed to striped bass fishing.

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New Jersey Striper Fishing Report

Resident bass are settling into their summer patterns in the backwaters of Southern New Jersey.

The herds of large stripers seem to have pushed north from Northern New Jersey’s ocean front, but that doesn’t mean it’s over. More fish could move in, or they could be sitting a bit past the three mile line, waiting for favorable conditions and bait to move back in. There are still plenty of bass from schoolies to 40-inchers along the beaches, where anglers are catching on plugs, shads, and sand fleas.

New York Striper Fishing Report

The western North Shore has big bass feeding on bunker. Big stripers are concentrating around the South Shore inlets feeding on bunker, but a big body of the large bass seems to have moved east.

The East End surf has a big body of big bass, and the Montauk Surfmasters tournament, with fishermen needing to break 48 pounds just to get into the third place.

Connecticut/Rhode Island Striper Report

“Lights out” striper fishing in Long Island Sound this week as more bass migrate through and spread throughout the Connecticut coast, hot on the tails of bunker.

Big stripers continue to hold in Narragansett Bay, but the biggest fish are hanging off the ocean side, with fish to 50-pounds being caught. Block Island got a big push of big bass this week as well.

Cape Cod/Massachusetts Striper Report

“Breaking tides” brought out the bass in the Cape Cod Canal this week, as a fresh wave seems to have worked its way up through Buzzards Bay. Fish ranging from shorts to 40-pounders were feeding on a smorgasbord of baits including mackerel, bunker, sand eels, and sea herring. Elsewhere around the Cape, good fishing remained at the Monomoy Rips

Fishermen are finding large striped bass, up to 51 inches, around Boston and the North Shore, but a lack of bunker has made the bass difficult to pattern.

New Hampshire/Maine Striper Report

There are good numbers of 40-inch fish already in New Hampshire and Maine, with more moving in. These larger fish seem to be concentrating around the schools of bunker.

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