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Striped Marlin Bite continues to be productive, & Isabela Blue Marlin has started

Galapagos Islands Marlin & Fishing Report

The Galapagos Islands are arguably the best place in the world to target numerous large striped marlin and perhaps the biggest blue marlin in the Pacific.  The contrasts are San Cristobal and Santa Cruz Islands produce large daily numbers of 100 to 300 pound striped marlin in the spread.  Isabela Island does not have as generous numbers of billfish but when you get a bite the average starting size of a blue marlin is over 500 pounds with fish  800 and over 1000 pounds regularly caught.

While the striped marlin fishery can give you all you may want to handle in a single day the Isabela blue marlin fishery is a thing of patience where the work is harder and longer but the reward may just be a fish or several fish of a lifetime.  Keep in mind that the Galapagos Islands are not hard to get to and offer a virtually crime free environment that is safe for the whole family.

San Cristobal Island Report:

February 25, 2023- Peter Santini reported that Vertigo 1 raised out of Española Banks 21 marlin and released out of 15 bites 3 striped marlin and 2 blue marlin.

February 26, 2023– Vertigo 2 raised 9 had 5 bites and released 3 striped marlin. Vertigo 1 raised 10 marlin had 5 bites and released 1 blue and 2 striped marlin off Española Banks.

Isabela Island Report:

February 26, 2023- Mike Walsh from Florida had his group fishing onboard Patricia.  Searching for the giant blue marlin out of Isabela Island Captain Yuri Gutierrez reported green water fishing 6 to 18 miles Southwest of Puerto Villamil.  They caught 3 mahi but no billfish raised.

February 27, 2023– Patricia ran 30 to 45 miles Southwest of Puerto Villamil and had a blue marlin about 600# on for 10 minutes that spit the hook.  Lost a striped marlin and caught some small tuna.  The water was green and they could not find blue water.

We still have a boat available for Isabela Island blue marlin fishing March 22 to 28 and May 1 through 6.  We can still provide a boat for the month of March and most of April to fish San Cristobal Island for striped marlin.  Don’t fall for the other’s saying few dates left!  As the first and longest running outfitter in the Galapagos we have 4 boats so chances are we can get you the dates you want.

Contact us at or (754) 703-1991

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