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St. Maarten Fishing and Horseback Riding

St. Maarten Fishing and Horseback Riding

Visitors of St. Maarten would be amazed by how this thirty-seven square mile island offer so much, from breathtaking landscapes, to blue turquoise waters, fluttering butterflies, stunning white sand beaches, scrumptious food, duty-free and tax free shopping, splendid Caribbean sunshine all day, and an exciting nightlife.
St. Maarten provides a wide array of entertainment for everyone, from honeymooners to families.

The day brings about so many things to do, from relaxing by the pool of your hotel or villa, or lying on the beach getting that perfect tan while reading a good book, to the limitless various activities available such as snorkeling, scuba diving, windsurfing, parasailing, jet skiing, hiking, kayaking, sailing, mountain biking, deep sea fishing, and horseback riding. Two of the most popular day activities are St. Maarten fishing and horseback riding.

St. Maarten fishing and horseback riding are thrilling activities that a visitor of the island can venture in, which presents an experience in both sea and land. Fishing takes visitors out into the sea and gives great fun and enjoyment amidst the turquoise waters of the island, and what a feeling it is once a big catch is at hand. The best fishing grounds are close by catch tuna, marlin, or dolphin. The La Samanna drop off is presumed to be the most excellent spot for wahoo and blackfin tuna. A famous spot for marlin, where St. Maarten/St. Martin occasionally holds a big game fishing tournament such as The Billfish Tournament in June and the Marlin Cup in May, is the “Marlin Boulevard”. St. Maarten fishing charters are obtainable with Sunlight on a Blackfin 38ft.

St. Maarten horseback riding on the other hand is quite an adventure as you start to gallop and take control of your destination with the gentle horse. It is pretty thrilling to see the island in a different way and a different point of view. Visitors can trail the shoreline with a little plunge of the refreshing waters whilst sitting on the back of a horse, or rise fast across the lush hillsides of the island taking on magnificent scenery. Oceanna Ranch at Baie Lucas Oyster Pond is owned by a friendly American Elizabeth and her French spouse. Visitors can try a beach ride along Coralita Beach with their horses or ponies. The Lucky Stables takes riders to one of the few undeveloped areas of St. Maarten around Cape Bay for an opportunity to experience the island how it was fifty years ago. Bayside Riding Stables is ideally run and well equipped Equestrian Center with ponies and horses for all course.

Once in the island, don’t miss to get an experience of St. Maarten fishing and horseback riding for something a little adventurously diverse. St. Maarten fishing and horseback riding are some of the best vacation activities that could indulge your tropical vacation desires.

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