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Slow Start with Striped Marlin

Galapagos Marlin Fishing Report

The week had a slow start for fishing regulars Robert Browning and Wes Parish who fish every year with Ecuagringo out of San Cristobal Island. They are two fantastic pitch bait anglers and all about the circle hooks.  They fished onboard Patricia with Captain Yuri Gutierrez for 5 days from April 23 to April 27, 2023.

April 23, 2023– Fishing Española banks sea conditions were unusually choppy for this time of the year.  Bait and fish stayed down with and the crew had to work very hard to raise fish.  A total of 5 marlin were raised with only 2 bites and 1 fish broke line not far from boat

April 24, 2023– Sea conditions were better but fishing was just as slow with 4 fish raised 2 bites and 1 release.  Fishing was on Española banks.

April 25, 2023– Nicer seas raising 7 striped marlin having 6 bites and releasing 4.  The crew fished Española and Rosa Blanca banks.  Fishing was still considered slow.

April 26, 2023– The Patricia navigated to 0-30 bank where they manage 9 raises of striped marlin 4 bites and released 3.  The striped marlin were notably aggressive and big.

April 27, 2023– All hell broke loose with birds on surface, sea lions and dolphins feeding on Española Bank. 50 plus marlin were raises, over 30 bites and 18 released and 4 more fish breaking off close to the boat.  A phenomenal day that shows how things do change from one day to the next in the Galapagos.

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