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San Cristobal Island – Double Digit Striped Marlin Tites

February 11, 2023 was a rare occasion where 8 boats were out fishing the same day.  Most of the time the boat your fishing on is the only boat in sight.  However, the more boats the more fishing reports.  Most boats gathered on Española Island banks.  Vertigo 2 with Peter Santini fished the Honey Hole on Rosa Blanca and got their fill by 12:00 pm and headed back to port.  Santini had 21 raises, 18 bites and released 3 striped marlin and 2 blue marlin around 450# each before the anglers tired out and wanted to head back early.  They also caught a few mahis.

The rest of the fleet fishing near Española Island reported from 20 to 31 raises of striped marlin and a total of 6 more blue marlin raised.  Effectively over 225 striped marlin were raised and 8 blue marlin.  All boats reported action from nice mahi ranging from 10 to 35 pounds.  Lots of bait on the banks with marine life pushing sardines to the surface at times.

Folks if you have been hesitating about booking a trip to the Galapagos Islands then there is no better time than now.  We still have a few dates and boats open to fish the rest of the year.  Our incredible striped marlin bite is year round but it really is happening now if you want to take advantage of it.  The warmer 79/80 F waters is bring blue marlin and mahi quite commonly.

We offer light stand up tackle, bait and switch, fly fishing, spinning and almost any possible way a marlin can be caught.  We also have the only complete outfits of 80 and 130# gear to target the giant blue marlin out of Isabela Island or anywhere you want to try in the Galapagos.  There is a mothership assisted option as well if you want to go to the the further reaches of the Galapagos.

The Galapagos Islands offer a safe, no crime, worry free and wild environment to experience with friends and family.  Besides the incredible striped marlin fisheries from Santa Cruz and San Cristobal Islands you also have the giant blue marlin fishing out of Isabela Island which by size of fish is second to none.  Enjoy the snorkeling, diving, exploring, horse back riding, island hopping and more tours.  We customize your experience from start to finish.  Come see what the Galapagos is all about.

Ecuagringo is the first outfitter to develop the fishery since we put the first boat back in 1998.  Others have tried to imitate us and ride off our success. No one has the boats, crews, electronics and custom rods and tackle that makes us unique and the leading outfitter for 24 years.  You won’t find ride along agents, clowns, fancy headset wearing crews or any of that crap here.

Only a serious hard working team from the moment you land in Ecuador until you leave.  Our results speak for themselves with thousands of happy guest and an outfit that has been fishing for almost a quarter century in the Galapagos.

Plan today your fishing and adventure trip of a lifetime ➤➤
Or contact us at info@ecuagringo.com or (754) 703-1991

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By: Ecuagringo
Title: San Cristobal Island With Double Digit Striped Marlin Bites
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