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Rosa Blanca Bank Continues To Deliver Striped Marlin

Galapagos Marlin Report

The fishing is going strong out of San Cristobal Island delivering mostly daily double digit raises of striped marlin and some blue marlin mixed in.  Lots of mahi mahi.  Crews have been forced to either troll teasers or pull larger hooks due to amount of mahi making it hard sometimes to target marlin.  If you want to also catch mahi 10 to 35 pounds average now is the time to come with the water at its warmest point.

Feb 14, 2023 several boats out fishing on Rosa Blanca Bank reported good action from striped marlin.  We don’t have a total of raises but Tesoro reported 10 bites and 6 releases.  Johnamar raised 23 and had 12 bites and released 6 striped marlin. Coyote raised 19 striped marlin and had 10 bites and released 3.

On The Hook headed to banks of Española Island where they raised 10 striped marlin had 4 bites and released 2

Feb 15, 2023 Peter Santini reported on Vertigo 1 raising 26 striped marlin having 16 bites and releasing 7 fishing on Rosa Blank Bank famous spot called the Honey Hole.  Johnamar fished Española banks as well and raised 21 striped marlin had 11 bites and released 4 striped marlin and 1 blue marlin about 400#.

Don Watcho headed to 0-30 Bank and went 2 out of 4 on striped marlin and 3 mahis.  It’s not clear how many marlin they raised.

Folks this is the most consistent striped marlin fishing year round found anywhere on the planet.  If you want to be part of this daily double digit action then you can’t be missing out!

We still have a few March and April 2023 dates open to take advantage of this incredible fishing.

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