October 4, 2023

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Recognize yourself beyond FishingBooker by receiving the Angler’s Choice Award

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The Angler’s Choice Award shows customers that you go above and beyond to give them the fishing trip of their dreams. But did you know that it can get you exposure beyond FishingBooker, too?

In the past, we’ve mentioned that we reach out to different news outlets to tell them about your success. ACA-related stories get picked up a lot more than your average fishing stories. Because of this, customers outside of FishingBooker have a higher chance of reading about you and getting hooked! Read on to find out more about how it works…

As you know, you now have the chance to win Angler’s Choice every three months. Captains who have a proven track record of winning the award get promoted to news outlets in their local area.

Happy customers aboard the ACA-winning Reel Em In Fishing Charters

We contact publications across the world with specific information about your success. All you need to do for the chance of being featured is make sure you’re hitting all of the requirements. You can do this by keeping on top of your progress.

When you work in an area that has lots of other captains, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. If you run your business in a highly-competitive location, you’ll be happy to know that our main focus has been on getting you that little bit of extra exposure. In the past, publications based out of famous fishing spots such as Destin, Port Aransas, Cape Cod, and Hilton Head Island have all been on our outreach list.

For example, 19 ACA-winning captains in Key West were featured in the Florida Weekly in April 2022. Not only was each captain mentioned by name, their charter businesses were also included in the article. Potential customers who read the article could choose a captain from the list, knowing that they’d be fishing with someone who goes above and beyond to provide an excellent service.

Which news outlets can feature you?

Even if you’re not in a highly-competitive area, there’s still a chance of getting featured. While our outreach team works with local news outlets on a town and city level, they also work with publications that cover larger areas. 

Only charter business in your town? You could still be mentioned on a list in a countywide or even statewide publication. 23 winners across Dare County were featured in Island Free Press, which covers the entire Outer Banks area, in April 2022.

We also make sure we target publications that are trustworthy and have lots of readers. News outlets with journalists focusing on local events and businesses are top of the list, as well as tourism websites. To give you a better idea, past ACA-winning captains have been featured on the following websites (and more!):

How does this help you?

One word: exposure. Winning the Angler’s Choice Award shines a light on you on FishingBooker, sure, with a badge that shows readers you’ve met all the requirements. Potential customers can also filter their search results, only selecting charters that have won the award. 

However, you’ll now be able to reach a whole new audience outside of FishingBooker. Whether a potential customer is looking for vacation tips on their chosen destination’s tourism site or they’re simply checking out what’s going on in their local area, they now have a much higher chance of coming across your charter.

In the future, you’ll also show up on a special location-specific page designed to highlight your success for journalists. This will mention you by name and link out to your FishingBooker listing.

With only 4.8% of captains across FishingBooker winning the Angler’s Choice Award, it’s not easy to get your hands on it, especially in a highly-competitive area. But if you do, you’ll really stand out – on FishingBooker and beyond.

Happy customers onboard ACA winners Gunny B Outdoors LLC

Have you been featured on another website for winning the Angler’s Choice Award? Any thoughts to share? Let us know in the comments below. We love hearing from you!

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