December 7, 2023

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PENN Authority Spinning Reel…… Product Review

The New PENN Authority Spinning Reel series is the new PENN standard.  Focusing on best-in-class smoothness and sealing, these reels will have a size and gear ration for every scenario.  Utilizing CNC Gear Technology, the precision-cut stainless steel geartrain paired with the Dura-Drag system, will give you the power to tame anything from within the deep blue.  The IPX8 sealed body and spool are top of the line, ensuring that no water or debris will reach the internals, even if submerged.  Whether fishing the creeks or in the blue water, the PENN Authority sets a new standard for durability and performance.

-Submersible IPX8 Sealed Body and Spool

-Full Metal Body, Side plate and Rotor

-CNC Gear Technology with Stainless Steel Main and Pinion Gears

-Sealed Slammer Drag system with Dura-Drag

-12+1 Stainless Steel Bearing System

-Leveline Slow Oscillation System

-Spare Hypalon Handle Knob (rubberized EVA)

I was on the design and test team for the new Authority spinning reels.  I personally tested 2500, 2500HS, 3500, 4500 and 5500 sizes.  These reels are awesome right out of the box, every reel comes with a great neoprene cover.  The Authority reels have a smoothness I don’t see/feel in many other spinning reels on the market these days.  Smooth as in those precision-cut CNC stainless steel gears, they feel great and they will last longer than other spinning reel gears.  Keep in mind that its not a cheap to make stainless steel CNC gears, the tooling has to be changed out a lot when cutting stainless steel.  This is one of the reasons these reels have a higher price tag.  But you’ll feel the difference and see a longer life with these gears because of this process.

Authority reels are IPX8 sealed and this rating has been tested by a third party to ensure its credibility.  So, what is IPX8 sealed mean anyway??  IPX8 rating means that the Authority can be fully submerged deeper than 1 meter without water intrusion.  Hey we all know if you go saltwater fishing, from time to time you are going to get wet and so is your fishing gear; you might even drop it in the water. Or the “friend” you let use it might drop it in the water…

Now one question I have had asked quite a few times about these reels, is it light enough to cast all day; in my opinion the answer is yes.  The 2500 comes in at 11.9 ounces, now before you go saying but Capt. Jot that’s not a “super” light reel.  And you are correct but this reel has a ton more technology in it to stay smooth and sealed!  This adds weight!  Double seals, thirteen bearings, a full metal body and stainless-steel CNC gears adds up.

Twelve models to choose from with four High Speed (HS) models available 2500HS, 4500HS, 6500HS & 8500HS.  Retail price range $499.95 to $599.95

SIZE      BER    RATIO         MAX DRAG               WEIGHT

ATH2500       2500   13   5.7:1    20lb|9.1kg       11.9 oz

ATH2500HS  2500   13   7.0:1    20lb|9.1kg       11.9 oz

ATH3500       3500   13   5.7:1    30lb|13.6kg     14.3 oz

ATH4500       4500   13   5.7:1    30lb|13.6kg     15 oz

ATH4500HS  4500   13   7.0:1    30lb|13.6kg     15 oz

ATH5500       5500   13   5.2:1    40lb|18.1kg     23.6 oz

ATH6500       6500   13   5.2:1    40lb|18.1kg     25.4 oz

ATH6500HS  6500   13   6.2:1    40lb|18.1kg     25.4 oz

ATH7500       7500   13   4.7:1    50lb|22.6kg     29.7 oz

ATH8500       8500   13   4.7:1    50lb|22.6kg     31.1 oz

ATH8500HS  8500   13   5.3:1    50lb|22.6kg     31.1 oz

ATH10500    10500 13   4.2:1    60lb|27.2kg     37.3 oz

The New Authority reels will be hitting the market this Fall.  When you see one in a tackle shop, pick one up turn the handle, see what it feels like to you.

Thanks for reading and good fishing to You!

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