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New Hampshire fishing license: the Complete Guide

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Mirror-like lakes cradle awe-inspiring mountains, while lively rivers cut through the landscape in New Hampshire. The state champions conservation in these waters, making each cast a step towards preservation for generations to come. And wherever you’re casting from, getting a valid New Hampshire fishing license is your first step toward many memorable catches.

Whether you’re drawn to the salty sprays of the Atlantic or the calm inland lakes, your New Hampshire fishing license opens the door to some incredible experiences. Ready to drop your fishing line? Read on to discover how you can seize on the action in this angler’s paradise!

Who needs a New Hampshire fishing license?

Anglers aged 16 and older must obtain a New Hampshire fishing license to cast a line here. Both visitors and residents are required to have this permit, except during the state’s designated free fishing days. These special occasions allow everyone to fish without a license, aiming to attract more people to the sport and promote the state’s natural resources.

Before diving in further, it’s important to understand that New Hampshire requires different licenses for freshwater and saltwater fishing. Freshwater permits cover fishing in lakes, rivers, and streams. Meanwhile, a separate saltwater license is needed for fishing along the coast and in estuaries if fishing on your own.

New Hampshire’s Free Fishing Days also welcome everyone, resident or not, to enjoy the state’s natural resources free of charge. While these days waive the license fee for recreational fishing, licenses are still required if you’re participating in a fishing tournament.

New Hampshire Saltwater License Information

A view across some crashing waves towards a lighthouse in Portsmouth, NH, with a fishing boat visible near it on a clear day

For those drawn to the breezes and challenging tides of New Hampshire’s coastal and estuarine waters, a New Hampshire recreational saltwater fishing license is required for all anglers aged 16 and older. This permit is valid for a calendar year, expiring on December 31st of the year it was issued.

There are some exceptions, though. Those fishing aboard a charter won’t need a permit, as the captain’s license will cover all on board. There’s also a waiver for any angler holding a valid saltwater fishing license from neighboring Maine or Massachusetts.

There are also separate Clam and Oyster licenses, exclusively on offer to NH residents. In even more good news for locals, New Hampshire shows that it cares about its senior anglers by offering a no-cost lifetime Clam/Oyster license for residents over the age of 68. This special license provides lifelong access to New Hampshire’s waters, enabling seniors to continue their fishing traditions without needing to renew their license each year. Applications for this license are available online.

Freshwater License Information for Residents

New Hampshirites have a range of freshwater fishing licenses to suit different lifestyles and needs. For those looking for a quick getaway, the 1-day License is the perfect fit. It’s ideal for spontaneous fishing trips when you just want a day to relax by the water without any long-term commitments.

A view from behind of an elderly fly fisherman casting his line into the shallow waters of a stream in New Hampshire on a sunny day

NH residents who frequently fish throughout the year might find the annual license most suitable. This permit covers all types of freshwater fishing activities, making it a great choice for those who consider fishing an integral part of their life.

Naturally, there are exceptions to the rule of who needs a license. Young anglers under the age of 16 can immerse themselves in the sport without the need for a license. Additionally, New Hampshire offers significant support to disabled veterans. NH residents with a verified 100% permanent disability rating from the Veterans Administration are eligible for a lifetime no-fee entry permit to the state’s parks, which cover fishing permits too.

To apply, veterans must submit proof of residency, their permanent disability rating, and honorable discharge, along with a one-time $10 administration fee. All documentation and applications are processed through the NHFGD in Concord.

Freshwater License Information for Non-Residents

For those visiting, whether for a weekend or an extended vacation, the state offers flexible licensing options. Choose from 1-, 3-, or 7-day permits. These short-term licenses are tailored to fit the duration of your stay, ensuring you have access to freshwater fishing throughout your time in the Granite State.

Non-residents seeking long-term access to New Hampshire’s fishing opportunities can also opt for annual licenses, too. These cover various activities such as freshwater fishing and combination hunting and fishing. Just beware that they’re a little more expensive than for locals.

New Hampshire Fishing License Cost

Speaking of costs, it’s now time to break down how much each New Hampshire fishing license will set you back. Overall, they’re pretty affordable and, as we said, there’s an option to suit all kinds of anglers from in and out of state.

Note that a $2.00 ($2.75 online) transaction fee per license will be added to the price.

Type Resident Fee Non-resident Fee
1-day Freshwater $10 $15
3-day Freshwater N/A $28
7-day Freshwater N/A $35
Senior Freshwater (68+) $7 N/A
Annual Freshwater $45 $63
Annual Saltwater $11 $11
Clam (ages 6-67) $30 N/A
Oyster (ages 6-67) $30 N/A
Hunting/Freshwater Combo* $56 $151
Senior Hunting/Freshwater Combo (68+) $7 N/A

*Does not include an additional $2.50 Wildlife Habitat Fee

New Hampshire Resident Lifetime Fishing Licenses

The NHFGD offers lifetime licenses for residents, too, providing a cost-effective solution for those planning to fish and/or hunt throughout their lives. Available only at the Department’s Concord headquarters or via mail, these non-refundable licenses take care of your permits forever.

Lifetime licenses come in two forms: Freshwater Fishing and Freshwater Hunting & Fishing Combination. The pricing for these licenses decreases with the age of the applicant, which you can check out here. This decreasing scale aims to make the sport more accessible, particularly for older residents.

For those interested, gift certificates for these licenses are available. Applicants need to provide a valid New Hampshire driver’s license or non-driver photo ID from the DMV. If upgrading or changing your license type, you must return your current license while keeping the same license number.

Where to Buy Your New Hampshire Fishing License

An infographic featuring the flag of New Hampshire above text that says "New Hampshire fishing licence, where to buy", along with an illustration of a boat underneath against a blue background

Securing your New Hampshire fishing license is straightforward and accessible, catering to both digital users and those who prefer personal interaction. You can easily purchase a license:

  • Online through the official NHFGD website.
  • In-person. For those who appreciate a face-to-face service, over 185 license agents are available statewide. Alternatively, you can pay the Fish and Game Headquarters a visit in person, too.
  • Via mail, by sending your application to 11 Hazen Drive, Concord, NH 03301.

For lifetime licenses, applications must be submitted by mail along with the necessary documentation. The licensing office is ready to help at (603) 271-3422.

What if I lose my license?

It happens to the best of us—sometimes we misplace something important, something may even go overboard when fishing! Thankfully, if you lose your NH fishing license, it can be reprinted at the original point of purchase or at the Fish and Game Headquarters in Concord, free of charge. Despite this, limitations may apply to the number of reprints you’re eligible for.

Get Your New Hampshire Fishing License and Head Out!

Secure your New Hampshire fishing license and get ready to enjoy every angling opportunity the Granite State has to offer. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, these licenses open the door to abundant fishing adventures across New Hampshire’s beautiful and diverse waterscapes. Don’t wait—get licensed, find a fishing charter, and dive into the fun!

Hopefully, we answered all your questions about getting a New Hampshire fishing license. If you still need more info, feel free to contact the Granite State’s Fish and Game Department (NHFGD) directly. Now, get your license, find a fishing charter near you, and have fun!

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