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New 2023 Tackle For Bluewater Crews

InTheBite was on hand for the 2022 ICAST Tackle Show held July 19-22, 2022 in Orlando, Florida.  Here are a few of the new products some of you may want to upgrade for the upcoming season. 

Electric Reel

New for 2023 Miya Epoch Teaser reels include a variable speed dial and white in color. Pricing available soon.

Miya Epoch US-9 Teaser Reels

New for 2023 from Miya Epoch is the upgraded US-9 teaser reel. The traditional green case color has been replaced with white color and a new easy to access speed dial lets you moderate the retrieval speed. They will be available later this year.     

spinning fishing reel

The new line of PENN Authority reels just won Best of Category “Saltwater Reel” during the 2022 ICAST fishing tackle show

New PENN Authority Reels

The new line of PENN Authority reels just won Best of Category “Saltwater Reel” during the 2022 ICAST fishing tackle show.  

The PENN Authority boasts an impressive IPX8-rated sealed body and spool that allows the reel to be submerged 1-meter for 30 minutes, and stands up to the most extreme saltwater exposure, spray and wash without suffering water intrusion. Using the best materials on the market, the CNC Gear technology features a stainless-steel gear train and pinion gear and is designed to be better supported overall to allow for long-term durability. It is machined out of a solid piece of metal, ensuring exact alignment, smooth long-term performance, and maximizing torque when trying to get that last wind on a hard-fighting fish. The full metal body, side-plate, and rotor keep gears protected and eliminate flex in the reel’s frame, ensuring rigidity under the heaviest loads.

The Authority reel super spinner far surpasses the durability and performance required and comes into the market with sizes ranging from 2500–10500 making it the most durable best-in-class reel on the market. Four high-speed models are also available (2500-4500-6500-8500).

Available: September 2022

Price: $499.95 – 599.95


shimano spinning reel

The new Shimano Saragosa SW BFC Spinning Reel is purpose built for billfishing.

New for 2023 Shimano Saragosa SW BFC 

Purpose-built to serve the dedicated billfish angler, the Shimano Saragosa SW BFC Spinning Reel is the only spinning reel to reach for when big checks and trophy billfish are on the line. The Saragosa SW BFC is the spinning reel counterpart to the legendary Talica 20BFC in Shimano’s Billfish Concept lineup. The Saragosa BFC is built specifically for things like tossing live baits at billfish tailing down sea or cutting through bait balls on the surface. Featuring a lower and more gradual drag curve than the battle-tested Saragosa SW A, the Saragosa BFC is optimized for fighting sailfish, white marlin, and other billfish varieties on lighter, and more often monofilament line. By combining the 6.2:1 gear ratio with an enlarged spool, the Saragosa BFC achieves a blazing fast 56in of line retrieved per handle turn, which is exactly what billfish anglers need to stay tight when trying to keep up with some of the fastest swimming fish on earth. To ensure smooth and consistent drag performance during long battles, Shimano’s Rigid Support Drag enhances spool support by reducing play and deflection 

of the spool. Shimano technologies that anglers have come to depend to protect their reels from the elements such as X-Shield and X-Protect keep water away from key internal components to preserve smoothness and operational proficiency for many seasons out on the water. With the Saragosa SW BFC, anglers can target billfish with confidence in their spinning gear knowing they have the right tool that was expertly designed for the job.

MSRP $339.99

For more information check out the video from Shimano here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WeWF3hOni9M

Plastic baitfishiplastic baitfish

FishRazr Dredge Baits

These dredge baits from FIshRazr caught our eye. The detail of a baitfish profile in both Bonito and Tinker Mackerel is sure to fool plenty of billfish. Check out their website for plenty of bluewater tackle options. https://fishrazr.com/


plastic bottle in water

Purpose made sunscreen for those who work in the sun.

High Performance Sunscreen

Here’s a new company who is specializing on protecting athletes and those of you who make a living in the sun. 

Watermans High-Performance Sunscreens are purpose-built for athletes and adventurers. If you live life in wind, water and waves, Watermans is the protection you need to Outlast the Day. We haven’t used it but if you want to give it a try check out their website: https://gowatermans.com/

diver down flag and postable air compressor

Battery powered with a 30′ hose and lasting up to 60′ minutes.

Blu3 Compact Battery Powered Dive System

This caught our eye as a small compact option for diving and as a good option for checking the bottom of your sportfish boat. 

Nomad is a battery powered dive system that delivers you compressed air from the surface through a hose as you breathe underwater to a maximum depth of 30 feet. Extremely compact and user-friendly, Nomad provides 45-60+ minutes of dive time per battery, depending on diver usage. 

MSRP: $2000-$3000





This is the 2022 Best In Show overall product and a great story on how this product came to be. You’ll want to watch this video on the PacBak website. Its not just a cooler. https://pacbak.com/

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