April 13, 2024

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NC Outer Banks: Summer Fishing and Challenging Circumstances

As July comes to a close, we are once again faced with high winds and thunderstorms interrupting fishing days. The initial concern this year had been rising fuel prices causing boaters and surf fishermen alike to think twice about going out, but now it seems the volatile weather is adding insult to injury.

This week, offshore charters have been few and far between, and although inshore boats have been more likely to get out, conditions are still far from ideal. Boaters are faced with rough and potentially dangerous rides. And although surf fishing can be better in high winds, especially for drum, many people over the past week have complained that getting sandblasted and fighting the strong currents just hasn’t been worth it. While we haven’t faced any major storms this season, these bouts of rough weather seem to be more common this year.

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