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Meet and Greet – 4th March, Cabbagetree Point

UPDATE – Event was a big success!

WHEN: Sunday 4th of March

WHERE: Charlie Hammel Park ,
Cabbage Tree Point Rd Steiglitz

DIVISIONS: Land, Boat and Kayak

TARGET SPECIES: Bream and Flathead

START TIME: 6am Briefing, On the water by 6:30am

FINISH TIME: 12pm Sharp, no fish pics will be accepted after 12 we suggest you make your way back around 11am.


Its time for our next Meet And Greet!

This meet will be held at Charlie Hammel Park, Cabbage Tree Point, Steiglitz Road as stated above on the 4th of March.

As always it will be a Family friendly event and its Free Entry. Our events aren’t all about competing it’s more to get people together that share the same passion for fishing as we do. There will be prizes for biggest fish but we also do a lot of random prize draws to give everyone a chance of winning some great prizes.

It is a Catch and Release event and is to be fished by LURES only!! If any one is caught using bait their pics will be excluded and they will be disqualified. If a fish is caught you must take a clear photo of the fish on a Brag Mat or an adequate measuring device. In this photo you must include a Token, as well as a clear image of the whole fish and the total length must be clear. This token will be given to the anglers involved on the day after we have received their WAIVER form. Waiver Forms will be available to sign on the day. However we are expecting quite a large group of people so we will try have them on our web site for you to print out and have them filled in ready for the day. Any persons under the age of 18 will have to have their waiver forms signed by a parent/guardian. Waiver forms are there for a precaution and are basically to say that we are not responsible for any loss, damage or any injuries getting to and from the event and during the event. So basically it’s enter at your own risk.

If everyone is sensible on the day their should be no dramas. We have been blown away with the support from so many great sponsors. We will have some great prize packs on the day.


1 ) Must Have Waiver Forms completed correctly.

2 ) Must Abide by all Qld Maritime safety laws as well as Qld Fisheries regulations.

3 ) Catch And Release And LURES ONLY!! (refer to above information)

Don’t forget to jump onto our Facebook page (link below) and click GOING if your coming along so we can work out a rough idea how many people are coming. Share it around and tell your mates to check it out. Keep your eyes open for any updates. We will be posting up some pics of all the prizes.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

Thank you all for your support hope to see you all on the day .

Waivers can be downloaded from the below link:



We have some more great news!!

The owner of Cabbage Tree Point Bait & Tackle has just contacted us and has offered 10% off store wide on the day of the event !
Weather you need Food, Drinks, ice or even some gear to help catch the winning fish. Pop on in and just mention the event for the 10% Discount!!

Head on over and give their page a like for their support!!

Cabbage Tree Point Bait and Tackle – CLICK HERE

Today myself and the team were busy sorting through all the great gear and making prize packs. We are still waiting on a bit of gear and some sponsors are bringing the gear on the day but we still managed to fill my outdoor table. We sorted out 6 category prizes and over 20 random draw prizes. So even if you don’t catch a fish come sign off at the end of the day and grab your ticket for our random prize draws.

Special thanks to all the great companies that have donated all this great gear. Without their support these days wouldn’t be possible.
The list below are all the sponsors whom have donated to our biggest prize pool yet over over $3000 ….

Dream Kayaks
Bait ‘N’ Go
1st Cast Lures
Rodzilla Adventure Tackle
Xtreme graphix
Hook-Eze……Takes the PRICKS out of Fishing!
Rod Armour
Frogleys Offshore
Razor Edge Lures
Munroe’s Soft Plastics
Wild Willow handcrafted timber lures
My Lure Box
Pure Custom Rods
LAST CAST spinnerbaits
Love Angling Outdoors
Fish N Chicks – Buy, Swap and Sell
Bigwig Jerky Co.

Stay tuned through out the week for weather forecast, tide times and any information or updates for our meet.

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