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Manitoba Fishing Licence Guide: Complete Guide

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If you’re dreaming of fishing in Canada, you’ve got to check out Manitoba. This province is home to over 100,000 lakes, along with the gorgeous Hudson Bay that’s always brimming with life. Whether you’re itching to battle a big catch in a remote northern lake or just chill by a river close to a bustling city, Manitoba’s got a spot just for you. But first, you’ll need to grab a valid Manitoba fishing licence.

This guide is here to walk you through getting your angling permit in the Keystone Province. We’ll unpack all the different types you might need and the rules to keep in mind. Read on to discover how you can make the most out of fishing in the stunning landscapes of Manitoba.

Who needs a Manitoba fishing licence?

The lure of the open waters calls to anglers of all skill levels to Manitoba. And whether you’re a resident or visitor, understanding the licensing requirements is key to a successful and legal fishing experience.

So, first things first: anyone aged 16 and older is required to have a valid fishing licence to fish in Manitoba. The necessity for a fishing licence encompasses everyone, from locals who have fished these waters for generations to newcomers eager to explore the province’s fishing spots. A licence not only permits you to cast a line but also contributes to conservation efforts, such as habitat restoration, fish stocking, and educational programs.

Who doesn’t need a Manitoba fishing licence?

The rules around Manitoba fishing licences carve out a few thoughtful exemptions that let a diverse group of people enjoy the province’s fishing grounds. If you fall into one of the following categories, you may be able to fish for free:

  • Youths under 16. As we already mentioned, children under the age of 16 can explore the waters licence-free. This goes for residents and visitors. That being said, teens fishing solo without an adult who has a valid licence must get their own permit.
  • Status Indians. Recognized under federal regulations, Status Indians do not require a fishing licence when fishing for food in Manitoba and are exempt from general angling regulations provided they can show proof of their status.
  • Manitoba seniors. For those who’ve reached the age of 65 and have been Manitoba residents for at least 6 months, fishing comes without a fee. The Resident Seniors Conservation Licence is complimentary, although it’s designed just for catching a conservation limit of fish. More ambitious senior anglers will need a regular licence.
  • Service members. Veterans and active military members also enjoy complimentary access to fishing, provided they can show proof of residency and military status. Acceptable documents include a Canadian Forces ID Card or a Service Card.

Manitoba also hosts special events like the Winter and Summer Family Fishing Weekends. These are renowned for fostering community spirit and introducing new people to fishing, with no permit needed during these days.

Manitoba Fishing Licence Types

An sunset photo of a man sitting on a rock on a lakeshore in Manitoba, with another man fishing next to him

Manitoba fishing licence categories have been streamlined into two main types, catering to both casual anglers and more dedicated fishing enthusiasts.

Ideal for those who have a sudden urge to fish or can only escape for a single day, the 1-day permit lets you enjoy Manitoba’s waters without a long-term commitment. This option is perfect for short trips, giving you the freedom to fish anywhere from urban lakes to remote streams for one full day.

For anglers planning multiple trips throughout the year or for those who regularly cast their lines, the season licence is the way to go. Valid from May 1 to April 30 of the following year, it offers unlimited fishing opportunities, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in Manitoba’s rich fishing whenever you want.

When choosing the type of licence, you’ll need to consider your residency status:

  • Residents are defined as individuals who have lived in Manitoba for at least the past 6 months continuously.
  • Canadian residents are those who have resided elsewhere in Canada for the past 6 months.
  • Non-resident anglers are those who don’t live in Canada, such as any visiting angler from the US or elsewhere.

Anything else?

A view of the Hudson Bay from the shores of Churchill, Manitoba, with a rainbow visible in the distance

For those fishing in border waters shared between Manitoba and neighbouring provinces like Ontario or Saskatchewan, there’s some flexibility when it comes to licensing. Anglers can use a licence from either Manitoba or the neighbouring province, making it easier to comply with local regulations and enjoy fishing across provincial lines.

Participation in Competitive Fishing Events (CFEs) that host 25 or more participants also comes with specific licensing requirements. Organisers and participants must obtain a free CFE Licence at least 4 weeks prior to the event to ensure compliance.

Moreover, anglers planning to fish in Manitoba’s National Parks, such as the Riding Mountain or Wapusk, need to acquire a separate licence specific to the parks. These permits are essential as provincial licences do not extend to national park territories. Parks Canada provides these licences, which vary in cost depending on the type of pass and the duration—be it annual, seasonal, or daily.

For those engaging in activities that impact more remote and sensitive areas, such as backcountry fishing or scientific research, additional special permits are required to mitigate the environmental impacts.

Manitoba Fishing Licence Cost

Ready to find out what it costs to get a fishing licence in Manitoba? Let’s dive into the details of the main types of licences available, with all prices listed in Canadian dollars. Remember, the prices mentioned are just the base fees. You’ll also need to account for the Goods and Services Tax (GST) and a small administration fee.

Type Manitoba Resident Canadian Resident Non-Canadian Resident
1-day $8.00 $12.00 $19.00
Annual $22.00 $36.00 $55.00

As for fishing in National Parks, a daily permit will set you back approximately $10.25 CAD, while a seasonal permit costs around $35.75 CAD. If you need more specific information on regulations, fees, or restrictions, be sure to check out the Parks Canada platform and the dedicated pages for each national park.

Where can I buy a fishing licence in Manitoba?

An infographic featuring the flag of Manitoba above text that says "Manitoba fishing licence, where to get yours," along with an illustration of a boat underneath against a blue background

Purchasing a fishing licence in Manitoba is a pretty straightforward process. It’s accessible through several convenient channels to suit your preferences:

  • Online. The primary method to get your permit is via the Manitoba elicensing system, an online platform that allows anglers to easily register, purchase, and manage their fishing licences. Simply create a customer profile, and you can then handle everything from purchasing to payment online. This system also stores a digital copy of your licence, which you can print at home for immediate use.
  • In-person at Manitoba Conservation and Climate Offices. Here, you can interact directly with staff who can assist in the licensing process and answer any queries you might have.
  • At retail locations. Participating retailers across Manitoba also offer fishing licences for sale. This option is perfect for those picking up fishing gear and supplies, and wanting to handle all their preparations in one stop.
  • By phone. If you need assistance or prefer to handle the process via phone, the elicensing call centre is available at 1-877-880-1203. The staff are equipped to guide you through the application process, help resolve any issues, and ensure you have all the information you need. They operate Monday to Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (CST).

Note that first-time users of the elicensing system need to create an account and will receive a Customer Identification Number (CID#) that facilitates future transactions. Returning customers will use their existing CID# to log in and manage their licences.

Grab Your Manitoba Fishing Licence and Hit the Waters!

Now that you’re familiar with how to get your Manitoba fishing licence, it’s time to prepare for that first cast. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore some of the most scenic and bountiful fishing spots in Canada. Secure your Manitoba fishing licence today and dive into the endless possibilities that Manitoba’s lakes and rivers have to offer!

We hope we’ve covered all your questions about Manitoba fishing licences in this guide. Feel free to read about the Keystone Province’s fishing opportunities in our comprehensive Manitoba fishing guide. Or, grab your rods, get your licence, and book a fishing charter near you to fish like a local!

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