March 1, 2024

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LP Level Wind Storage

A level wind on deck.

Although they are seemingly indestructible, Lindgren-Pitman’s SV-1200 and SV-2400 electric reels shouldn’t be neglected altogether. You generally only need to rinse thoroughly with water to wash away salt and grime. Sometimes soap is in order, but the one-piece aluminum frame is anodized to prevent corrosion so there’s never a need for harsh cleaners.

Perhaps the most vulnerable component is the level wind. This intricate mechanism is not particularly fragile, but removing the reel’s rod and line spool for extended storage leaves it somewhat exposed. Accidental impact could damage its arm and the Delrin worm screw it attaches to.

Know Your Level Wind

Depending on the design of onboard tackle storage, you might consider removing the level wind and repositioning it so the arm points toward the reel’s control panel. Pull on the knurled pawl pin to release the level wind lock and slide the entire device off the worm screw. While disassembled and preparing to store for a long transit or the off season, it’s a good idea to hit the metal guide arms and hinging line retainer with a quick mist of CorrosionX or similar product that provides long-term protection against rust and corrosion. Install the level wind backwards and at a 90-degree angle to its normal fishing position. In this arrangement, it will be better protected by the framework of the reel.

Lindgren-Pitman recommends that electric reels are stored in a warm and dry space such as the engine room, and with drag released to ensure compression tension of drag springs. As stated in the SV-1200 instruction manual, “Storage in the salon or other air-conditioned room can be detrimental due to sudden changes in temperature and humidity that can cause condensation inside the reel.” When it is time to go fishing, simply reinstall the level wind in its standard position, attach the spool and establish the correct track for the line.

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