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Loon Announces 2021 Gear

Loon Outdoors just announced their Fall/Winter 2020-21 gear lineup, and it features some intriguing new fly tying and riverside products.

In the fly tying category, Loon is rolling out their new Prime Scissors. Per their catalog, the Prime Scissors are “A large, premium pair of scissors that is the kind of sharp you only see on infomercials at 2 am. The broad blades offer a stouter feel and increased stability, regardless of what you’re cutting.”

Up next is a rethought, redesigned dubbing pick that’s an interesting new addition to any fly tying bench.

To round out the new products, Loon has a couple of great tools for anglers who need extra help stream-side. The first new tool is an Ergo Knot Tool, designed to help make tying a nail knot easier than ever before.

Along with the Ergo Knot Tool is what I think is Loon’s best new product – the Rogue Hook Removal Forceps. These forceps have a hook remover built into them, which is a great way to help quickly get trout off your line and back in the water.

These products should be available this fall from your Loon dealer.

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By: Spencer Durrant
Title: Loon Announces 2021 Gear
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