December 7, 2023

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Live Sonar is the Future of Fish-Finding Technology

The ActiveTarget live sonar from Lowrance was initially designed for freshwater fishing. But on a trip to test the beta version, Matt Laster, director of the company’s integrated fishing systems, diverted to Key West, Florida, just to see how the system might perform in salt water.

After a couple of days, he called the engineers at the home office with an unexpected report. “You guys were supposed to make a freshwater system,” he announced. “But you messed up and made a saltwater product.”

In Laster’s saltwater field tests, he could see unbelievable underwater action, like a goliath grouper rising from the edge of a wreck to intercept a bait, and a school of blackfin tuna circling near the boat.

Courtesy Of: Saltwater Sportsman Magazine 

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