May 26, 2024

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Key West Light Tackle Fishing Charter

Key West Light Tackle Fishing Charter

Nancy D. Brown, Waterfall Resort Alaska Fisherman
Source: Flickr

Key West is without a doubt the best fishing charter there is. There are over 130 sunken wreckage within 40 miles of Key West holding an abundance of sport fishing in less than a hundred feet of water, and the reef is only 7 miles away. Very fishy tempting and Key West light tackle fishing just fills the urge. How so?

Key West light tackle fishing boats are the most versatile of the kind. It can easily adapt to either inshore or offshore fishing. And you get to catch pretty much any kind of fish, except bonefish, but get tarpon, permit, sailfish, black-fin tuna, wahoo, cobia, yellowtail snapper, black grouper, kingfish and more others, even mahi-mahi dolphins and sharks. Key West light tackle fishing does not mean hording a whole lot of tiny fishes. It only means you will be fishing with light line – a light line that can take on those biggies, and pretty cunning .

When you go Key West light tackle fishing, you will be a live-bait specialist. Just gather your 4 peeps fishing group, and then go from the backcountry shallow waters, the Gulf or Atlantic wrecks and reefs, all the way to the Atlantic Ocean’s deep waters, aboard the Mutton Snapper. Long distance runs at high speeds dumps the sea-sick. It is all part of the game of game sporting. Yet if you are motion-sick you can just avoid the offshore fishing, or take precautionary drug such as Dramamine, Bonine or Triptone. Now you can go swift on your Key West light tackle fishing, with dependable center console twin-engine boats cruising over 35 knots, taking you speedy yet safely to where the fish are.

Specialized Key West light tackle fishing charters with skilled independent guides only takes about $400 for a 4 hours half-day angling and $600- $700 for a whole 8 hours day, even go midway for a ¾-day at $550- $600 6 hours of line-casting, and you can now fish in areas near the Marquesas and the famous Dry Tortugas. All fishing gears plus snorkel gears are included in the charter, even ice, water, or soda – all for fun, convenience, and comfort. Boats have marine bathroom and bi-mini trims to shield the sun. You will definitely learn live baiting, kite fishing, or spin fishing, or, get hooked yourself with inclusive water activities, swimming, diving, or snorkeling. Hook on a tarpon, jump on a grouper, rough riders snare the cool.

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