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Jacksonville, FL – Top activities for 2024

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Situated in the very northeast of the state, the largest city in Florida offers all the best of the Sunshine State. And with Jacksonville‘s size, come numerous attractions to enjoy. It’s the kind of place you’ll relish whether you’re looking for a relaxing visit with your family or friends, or you’re seeking adrenaline. And if you’re wondering about the activities in Jacksonville you can enjoy, read on and we’ll cover the pick of the bunch!

Facing the Atlantic Ocean, Jacksonville offers all kinds of water-based sports. Meanwhile, on land, you’ll find different museums, parks, zoos, and markets to explore. When you’re ready, scroll down and we’ll dive into the top Jacksonville activities together.

Best Activity in Jacksonville – Fishing

A man standing on a fishing tower on a flats boat and holding a fishing rod, with calm waters and wetlands visible behind him at sunrise.
Photo courtesy of Feather and Fin Guide Co.

Whether you’re a seasoned angler or just looking to dip your toes in the world of fishing, Jacksonville is the place to do it. The city boasts access to the productive fishing grounds of Florida’s east coast, with numerous fish species biting all year round.

To start with, the St. Johns River that flows through Jacksonville is a prolific fishery on its own. Its waters are sheltered from the ocean swell, making them ideal for family outings. In them, you’ll be able to introduce your little ones to angling, or maybe reel in your own first fish if you’re a novice.

For the more experienced and ambitious anglers, the Atlantic Ocean hides even bigger prizes. From underwater reefs that host a range of delicious fish to the Gulf Stream, where some of the world’s fiercest game fish roam, Jacksonville has everything an angler might wish for. The city is also home to a large fleet of charter captains that specialize in inshore fishing, deep sea fishing, and everything in between. Yhey’ll make sure you explore these waters with ease.

Kids Activities in Jacksonville – Zoos, Museums, and More!

One of the tigers in Jacksonville Zoo lying in shallow water and licking its lips with its mouth halfway open, with a waterfall behind the animal.

We’ve named fishing as an activity you can enjoy with your family in Jacksonville, but there are many more. Make memories with your kids at a theme park, zoo, or one of the numerous museums. Alternatively, explore the surrounding nature, beaches, and trails! There are tons of things in Jacksonville that’ll keep your kids occupied. Here are some of the most popular activities:

  • Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens. With over 2,000 animals and 1,000 exotic plants, Jacksonville Zoo offers a full-day adventure for your family. See lions and elephants in the Africa exhibit, or watch the stealthy jaguars prowl through the South American area. Wherever you turn, rest assured it’ll be an incredible experience.
  • Catty Shack Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary. If you’re a fan of big cats, you’ll love Catty Shack Ranch. It houses around 35 different animals, most of which are felines such as tigers, lynxes, leopards, pumas, and more. All the cats here were adopted or rescued, and given a comfy forever home in the sanctuary. Time your visit around feedings and you’ll witness some of the planet’s top predators in action.
  • MOSH. Jacksonville’s Museum of Science and History is a place of wonder that offers a fun and learning environment for all ages. It boasts a variety of exhibits, including a planetarium, an aquarium, as well as numerous sections dedicated to history. You can spend hours exploring the museum. Just make sure you’re ready for your kids to ask a ton of questions!
  • Adventure Landing. Located in nearby Jacksonville Beach, Adventure Landing is a water park featuring a range of different attractions for the whole family to enjoy. Feed alligators, hit the arcades, play laser tag or mini golf… And that’s just the start! The park’s standout feature is Shipwreck Island, where you’ll find exciting water slides and pools.
  • Tree Hill Nature Center. Tree Hill is an interactive wildlife preserve that’s tailor-made for children. The center is devoted to teaching environmental stewardship through hands-on activities and experiences with animals and nature. Among other things, Tree Hill features butterfly and hummingbird gardens, roaming goats, and a snake conservation.

Fun Activities in Jacksonville – Gardens, Beer Tours, and Markets

A view of a one of the reflecting pools in Jacksonville Arboretum with lush greenery surrounding the water and cloudy skies visible in the upper portion of the photo.

Let’s be real, most of the activities we named under the kids section are super fun for adults as well. But the opposite isn’t always the case! Let’s dive into a few Jacksonville activities you’ll probably enjoy more with your friends or significant other.

  • Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens. If you’re the artsy type, you’re sure to love the Cummer Museum. It’s home to over 5,000 different works of art, some of which are over 4,000 years old! Attached to the museum, you’ll find sprawling gardens featuring tall oak trees, reflecting pools, fountains, and native Florida flora.
  • Jax Ale Trail. At its essence, the Jax Ale Trail is an organized bar crawl. But its simplicity is what makes it fun. Jacksonville boasts a thriving craft beer scene and the Ale Trail is an excellent way to experience it. When you sign up, you’ll get a card that you can get stamped at each local brewery. Complete the trail, and prizes such as t-shirts and koozies await!
  • Jacksonville Arboretum and Gardens. The Jacksonville Arboretum and Gardens is an urban woodland area with walking trails and plenty of quiet spots to escape the city noise. In many ways, it’s similar to the Tree Hill Nature Center we mentioned previously. The arboretum hosts a number of interesting events throughout the year, so there’s always something fun going on.
  • Riverside Arts Market. Just a quick walk from the Cummer Museum, the Riverside Arts Market hosts artists, food vendors, and farmers every Saturday. It’s a lively venue with plenty of delicious food, fresh produce, and local crafts. It’s tucked under the Fuller Wayne Bridge so you can visit it whether it’s rain or shine.

Outdoor Activities in Jacksonville – Surfing, Hiking, and Camping

A view of the pier in Jacksonville Beach stretching into the ocean at sunset, this is a popular spot both for fishermen and surfers.

With the St. Johns River, extensive trails, and oceanfront beaches surrounding the city, Jacksonville is the perfect destination for outdoorsy types. The Atlantic beaches just east of town offer excellent surfing. Hit up spots such as Huguenot Park or Mayport Poles, both of which lie close to the Johns River Inlet.

You can also explore the local waters aboard a kayak. Launch from any of the numerous spots along the St. Johns River. Or, head north to Amelia Island! The creeks, channels, and forested wetlands offer a spectacular kayaking experience.

As far as land-based activities go, Jacksonville also prides itself on its number of local trails that you can tackle on foot or by bike. Hanna Park, Tree Hill Nature Center, Jacksonville Arboretum, and the Jacksonville Baldwin Rail Trail are all excellent hiking options.

Finally, if you’re the camping type, there are dozens of excellent spots in the Jacksonville area. You can find them peppered along the ocean shore but also close to the city itself. We recommend finding a site near Big and Little Talbot Islands as the surroundings there are absolutely breathtaking.

Jacksonville: Where Urban Meets Nature

A view of the Jacksonville Riverwalk at sunset, with the St. Johns River visible to the left of the photo and numerous buildings in the distance.

Big city attractions and lush Florida nature all around… What more could you ask for? Jacksonville delivers in spades. It’s a destination that truly caters to all ages and interests, whether you’re looking to party, spend some quality family time, or explore the outdoors. The only question is how much time you have to explore Jacksonville. But one thing is sure – you’ll never run out of things to do!

What’s your favorite activity to enjoy in Jacksonville? Have you tried any of the ones we named? Hit the comments below and let us know!

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