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Isabela Island, Galapagos Giant Blue Marlin Fishery

My name is Braden Escobar and for 23 years I have been fishing in the Galapagos Islands. Along with a great team of captains, mates, guides and staff we created Ecuagringo. Our company has been the premier organizer for the amazing striped marlin fishery between San Cristobal and Santa Cruz Islands.

With the possible exception of Magdalena Bay off Baja, Mexico the Galapagos are the best striped marlin fishery in the world; not uncommon to raised 50 60 even 100 plus fish in a single day. If fly fishing stripes is your thing, it is hands down the best place to do that…but watch out for the occasional blue or black in the spread!

This year we committed to continue uncovering and fishing the giant blue marlin fishery we knew existed near Isabela Island. We invested in game chairs, 130 Alutecnos reels, Chaos Tackle custom bent butt rods, Fishrazr dredges, Momoi Diamond line and the works! In just 5 fishing parties starting this April, 2021 we have raised 3 fish estimated over 1000 lbs and probably 12 more over 500 to 900 pounds.

I would put our fishery up against any other on the planet for these majestic fish. We have had days of no sightings for sure, but every single party has hooked and fought a fish over 500 lbs. Ideal time for Isabela is Jan to June for best sea conditions but we believe there are fish here year round. The island itself has under 3500 residents and is very quiet and laid back.

Fishing is generally 7 to 20 miles working one of the 3 dieting drops that go from 400 all the way to an excess of 9000 feet. The upwellings, bait, birds and marine life are found like few places anywhere else. The amount of bonito, squid, tuna and sardines attract marlin to feed in these deep waters.

On a good day of fishing it is not uncommon to raise 4 or more blue marlin. On a slow day you can watch lures while fishing over bait all day unbelievably without a bite. Yes, the fish have plenty to eat so swing them on the sounder below the bait is one thing and getting to bite a plug is another

If you are considering activities for non fisherman or for a day or two off, the diving and snorkeling is world class; the birding amazing (see penguins and flamingos simultaneously!) and the natural beauty of the islands is breathtaking. Its not easy to get here, needing 2 days each way time commitment. Nor is it inexpensive.. Remote areas are costly. We do not boast 5 star accommodations, but clean and comfortable with hot showers and meals included and prepared by a local cook are part of the deal at Isabela.

Drop us a line at info@ecuagringo.com

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Title: Isabela Island, Galapagos Giant Blue Marlin Fishery
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