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Iowa Fishing License Guide: Complete Guide

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The rivers run wide, the Bass bite hard, and the Walleye are wild in the Hawkeye State. Iowa is a place where your fishing stories are bound to get a bit taller each time you hit the water. But before you set out to write your own chapter, there’s one crucial step: getting an Iowa fishing license.

Iowa’s angling opportunities are as varied as the landscape itself, from the Mississippi River that the state’s eastern border to Spirit Lake in the northwest. Try casting your line for Catfish in the depths of Clear Lake, or explore the backwaters of the Missouri River in pursuit of Pike. But before you do so, you need a valid permit. We’re here today to make sure that your angling adventure in Iowa is as smooth as a well-oiled reel.

Who needs an Iowa fishing license?

Let’s cut to the chase: if you’re 16 or older and want to dip your line in Iowa’s waters, you need a license. There are some exceptions (which we’ll get to below) but, in general, if you’re over 16, you’ll need to get a permit.

But that’s not all. There’s also a Trout Fee. This is an essential add-on for both locals and visitors keen on wrestling Iowa’s shimmery monsters, no matter their age.

Who doesn’t need an Iowa fishing license?

As we already said, there are some exceptions to the license requirement. Pupils of the State School for the Blind and the State School for the Deaf, minors in state or county care, and military personnel on leave can fish without a license. This is Iowa’s way of saying, “Fishing is for everyone!”

Iowa License Information for Residents

Can infographic featuring the flag of Iowa above a text that says "Iowa fishing licence, what you need to know" and with an illustration of a boat underneath

Ready to answer the call of the wild? Starting with 1- and 3-day licenses, residents have a tackle box full of options to choose from. There’s also an Annual Fishing License—perfect for those keen on getting out on the water whatever the season. Looking for a calm day reeling in plenty of Panfish? Check. More into thrilling Bass action when the season hits? This has you covered.

And for those anglers who prefer to plan ahead, the Angler’s 3-Year Special offers a practical solution. You can say goodbye to the annual renewal ritual and enjoy uninterrupted fishing for over a thousand days!

Then there’s the Let’s Go Fishing Package, designed for those who leave nothing to chance and want every tool in the tackle box. This covers:

  • An annual resident fishing license
  • The Trout Fee
  • A bonus third line license
  • A collectible hard card

Iowa also looks after its more seasoned anglers. The 65+ Lifetime License Package celebrates seniors’ enduring passion for fishing. Enjoy the freedom of fishing for life, without the hassle of renewing your license. It’s a way of honoring your contribution to Iowa’s fishing heritage.

And for those torn between fishing and hunting, Outdoor Combo licenses serve as an all-in-one solution. These packages grant you both privileges, complemented by the collectible hard card too.

Cost for Residents

So, Iowa doesn’t skimp on options for its residents. And whether you want to test the waters or are looking for the long-term commitment of a three-year plan, the prices are set to get you out there without breaking the bank. Here’s how they look:

Type Cost
1-Day Fishing $10.50
7-Day Fishing $15.50
Annual Fishing $22.00
Let’s Go Fishing Package $56.50
Angler’s 3-Year Special $62.00
Outdoor Combo $55.00
3-Year Outdoor Combo $169.00
Bonus (Third) Line $14.00
Lifetime Fishing (65+) $61.50
Lifetime Combo (65+) $188.00
Trout Fee $14.50
Lifetime Trout Fee (65+) $65.00

Information for Non-Residents

Iowa also welcomes all visitors with open arms. If you’re 16 or older and not an Iowa local, you’ll need to pick up an annual Nonresident Fishing License, an all-access pass to the lakes and rivers Iowa proudly boasts. And for those with Trout on their radar, don’t forget about the Trout Fee.

Just as for residents, there’s a 1-day and 7-day option, with the added bonus of a 3-day permit for those staying for a short break. Craving a bit more? There’s an annual license too, along with the Let’s Go Fishing option, featuring all the same privileges as for Iowa residents.

Cost for Non-Residents

Whether it’s a brief visit or an extended stay, there’s a license to suit your timeline and budget. Permits may be a little more expensive than for Iowans, but the cost structure is still pretty straightforward:

Type Cost
1-Day Fishing $12.00
3-Day Fishing $20.50
7-Day Fishing $37.50
Annual Fishing $48.00
Let’s Go Fishing $85.50
Bonus (Third) Line $14.00
Trout Fee $17.50

Where to Buy Your Iowa Fishing License

Securing your Iowa fishing license is as easy as spotting a fish in clear water. There are a couple of options, depending on your preference:

Iowa Fishing License FAQs

Grab Your Iowa Fishing License and Dive In!

A ciew across a small dock towards the vast expanse of Spirit Lake in Iowa at sunset, with the sun setting in the distance

So, there you have it, – your compass to navigating the waters of Iowa’s fishing license requirements. With your license in hand (or pocket) you’re all set to cast your worries aside and make that first cast. Remember, whether you’re aiming for a casual day by the water or chasing the catch of a lifetime, it all starts with the right paperwork. Happy fishing!

Hopefully, we answered all your questions about getting an Iowa fishing license. If you have more questions, get in touch with the Hawkeye State directly and consult with your guide. Gear up, get licensed, find a fishing charter near you, and get ready for some fun!

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