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In 2023, the best Fourth of July fishing destinations are:

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Marking the day when the Founding Fathers signed the Declaration of Independence, the Fourth of July is the most important American holiday. Traditionally, it’s celebrated with fireworks, but you really need to wait until nighttime for that. So how do you keep busy until then? Spend the day fishing, of course!

Since Independence Day falls right at the beginning of summer, it’s a great time to head out into the vast outdoors and do some angling. The waters across the country will be teeming with different kinds of fish. In this article, we’ll cover some of them, so take a look at our picks for the best Fourth of July fishing destinations for 2023.

Mount Washington Valley, NH

An aerial view of the strikingly blue Echo Lake near North Conway in Mount Washington Valley, with dense dark green forest surrounding the lake.

Situated on the eastern side of the White Mountains, Mount Washington Valley is the perfect destination for a holiday getaway. From it, you’ll have access to unbridled nature and epic hiking trails. Of course, there’ll also be pristine rivers and streams for you to explore and catch some fish in.

At the epicenter of the valley, you’ll find the village of North Conway. From it, you’ll have the choice of several terrific fishing spots. The Kedron Brook, along with the Saco, Ellis, and Dry Rivers all offer top-tier Trout action. And with different insects hatching around Independence Day, it’s the perfect time to bring out the fly fishing gear. Alternatively, head south to Conway Lake and try to outsmart some Bass!

Besides fishing, there are many other ways to experience the stunning of this part of New Hampshire. You can go kayaking, visit some impressive waterfalls, or hike the mountain trails. And once you’ve had your fill, there’ll be a Fourth of July parade waiting for you in North Conway. Fireworks time!

Finger Lakes, NY

A shoreline view of Cayuga Lake, one of the Finger Lakes found in upstate New York, with vegetation visible close to shore and buoys in the calm lake waters.

Found just south of Lake Ontario, the Finger Lakes are a group of eleven long and narrow glacial lakes. They’re known for their natural beauty and top-class angling, especially if you count Oneida Lake, which is sometimes included as the twelfth “thumb.” Visit here around the Fourth of July and you’ll get to explore one of the best fishing destinations in New York.

The lakes play host to a whole range of game fish. From Trout and Salmon to Walleye, Northern Pike, Yellow Perch, and Bass, the list of targets is long. There’s fish to catch in all of the Finger Lakes, however, Seneca Lake traditionally offers the best Trout angling. Meanwhile, Cayuga has the hottest Bass action, while Oneida is a Walleye heaven.

Rochester and Syracuse are the two biggest cities in the area and both will host their own Independence Day celebrations. If you want to stay closer to the lakes instead, consider Geneva. This picturesque city rests on Seneca Lake and bears the title of the “Lake Trout Capital of the World.” What better place to start your Fourth of July fishing adventure?

Ocean City, NJ

An aerial view of Ocean City, one of the best Fourth of July fishing destinations, with the Great Egg Harbor Bay visible to the right of the photo and the Atlantic Ocean to the left, meanwhile the city is surrounded with sandy beaches.

For our next Fourth of July fishing destination, we move to Ocean City, New Jersey. This small city features a string of beaches and amusement parks. It’s also got a long boardwalk peppered with all kinds of eateries and shops to explore. Naturally, since the city offers access to the Atlantic Ocean, there are all kinds of fish to catch, too.

In terms of fishing, Independence Day is a fantastic time to visit. It’s when the waters will be alive with species such as Bluefish, Flounder, Cobia, and fearsome Sharks. And if the weather serves you well, the distant waters of the Gulf Stream hide even more prizes. These include mighty Tuna, Marlin, delicious Mahi Mahi, and more.

Go fishing in the morning and you’ll have plenty of time left to enjoy Ocean City in the afternoon. There’ll be music and festivities along the boardwalk, with fireworks in the evening to cap off the celebrations.

Abingdon, VA

A view of a wooden walkway which is a part of the Virginia Creeper Trail, located near Abingdon, with dense forestry surrounding the walkway.

For many years, Southwest Virginia has been a well-kept secret among anglers and outdoorsmen in general. Its nature trails, valleys, and pristine rivers are a thing of beauty, brimming with all kinds of wildlife. And in the westmost reaches of the region, you’ll find Abingdon, a charming town that’ll make for the ideal starting spot to help you discover all the local scenery.

Abingdon lies close to several amazing Trout fisheries. These include the famous Whitetop Laurel Creek, as well as the Holston River and its south and middle forks. Add in the various mountain streams you’ll find across the Blue Ridge Highlands and you’ll experience no shortage of Trout spots to explore. For even more variety, there’s the New River where you can reel in Walleye and Smallmouth Bass, among others.

When you’re ready to do something besides fishing, try the famous Virginia Creeper Trail. It’s a 34.3-mile rail trail sprawling from Abingdon to the North Carolina border, featuring nothing but heart-soaring views throughout its length. Of course, there’s plenty to enjoy in the town itself. Visit Abingdon’s Depression-era theatre or one of the museums and get ready to enjoy the evening fireworks against an impressive mountain backdrop.

Lake Murray, SC

A coastal view of Lake Murray, one of the best Fourth of July fishing destinations, with rocks visible along the shore and calm, see-through waters stretching out, with a forest in the distant background.

A stone’s throw west from Columbus, you’ll discover Lake Murray, the “Jewel of South Carolina.” Its clear waters and natural beauty have earned the lake this lofty nickname. But among anglers, Lake Murray is instead renowned as one of the best Bass fisheries in the country.

How so? Because there’s an abundance of Largemouth swimming about! Numerous fishing tournaments take place on Lake Murray every year, with anglers competing at who can reel in the biggest one. Besides these elusive fish, you’ll also see Striped Bass, Crappie, Bluegill, and Catfish hiding about.

Visit Lake Murray on the Fourth of July and you’ll get the chance to reel in just about all of its fish residents. For the actual parade, though, you’ll have to visit early as it takes place on July 1. But even if you can’t do so, head to Columbus after you’re done fishing and there’ll be plenty of festivities to revel in.

Keweenaw Peninsula, MI

A view of clear skies and the calm waters of Lake Superior from the Keweenaw Peninsula, which is one of the best Fourth of July fishing destinations, with the Copper Harbor lighthouse visible in the distant background.

A repeat from last year’s list, Keweenaw Peninsula is still among the best destinations to go fishing on the Fourth of July. The entire peninsula is surrounded by Lake Superior, giving you about 300 miles of shoreline to fish from and easy access to different portions of the lake. Couple this with several state parks, quaint harbor towns, and beaches you can visit, and you’ll discover there’s a lot to enjoy out here.

As far as fishing goes, Independence Day marks a great moment to visit this neck of the woods. Lake Superior will be teeming with Lake Trout, with trophy-sized specimens lurking underwater. Meanwhile, smaller inland lakes are rife with Northern Pike, Walleye, Muskie, Bass, and more.

If you’re looking to celebrate the holiday with a parade and fireworks, there are different events taking place across Keweenaw Peninsula. Copper Harbor, Lake Linden, South Range, and Dollar Bay are just a few of the places where you can spend Independence Day with locals.

Grand Lake O’ the Cherokees, OK

A view of the rocky shores of the Grand Lake O' the Cherokees in Oklahoma, with calm waters and slightly cloudy skies, along with docked boats visible across the lake.

Next up, we visit one of the best fishing lakes in Oklahoma – Grand Lake O’ the Cherokees. Often called “Grand Lake” for short, it’s positioned at the foothills of the Ozark Mountains, in the very northeast of the Sooner State. The lake enjoys predictable winds, which often work in favor of boaters navigating the lake.

The main reason why anglers sing high praise about Grand Lake is its Largemouth Bass fishing. These waters often rank among the nation’s best. A testament to this is the fact that the lake is scheduled to host the Bassmaster Classic tournament in 2024. But while Bass are the most popular game on the lake, there are also Crappie, Catfish, and White and Hybrid Bass for you to chase. Just remember, if you’re visiting on Independence Day the fish will likely be lurking in deeper portions of the lake.

On the day of the holiday, there’ll be multiple firework shows around the lake, so make sure to stick around after you’re done fishing. Or, if you’re more up for a big city experience, Tulsa lies only about an hour and a half west of the lake.

Colorado Springs, CO

Four red rocky spires sticking up into the skies in the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, with trees visible in the forefront and blue skies behind the protruding rocks.

Our last entry on this year’s list of the best Fourth of July fishing destinations is Colorado Springs. Perched at 6,000 feet, the city has access to some of the finest mountain fisheries in the country. To add to that, Colorado Springs boasts enchanting scenery, with spectacular rock formations and some of the clearest lakes and streams you can find.

Among others, the fisheries you can explore include Prospect Lake, Pikeview Reservoir, and Quail Lake. These house Rainbow Trout, Saugeye, Bass, and multiple other species of fish. Venture out of the city and further up the mountains, and you’ll have even more spots at your disposal. A notable one is the South Platte River near Deckers. Then there’s Lake George and its Spinney Mountain Reservoir, Eleven Mile Reservoir, as well as the Dream Stream connecting the two. All of these lie within an hour and a half from Colorado Springs.

As the second largest city in the state, Colorado Springs has all the amenities you can think of. There’ll naturally be various events and celebrations taking place around Independence Day. But make sure to save some time to pay a visit to the Garden of the Gods and witness a veritable national treasure.

Fourth of July: America’s Most Important Holiday

A Fourth of July fireworks parade in Saginaw Bay, Michigan, with numerous boats in the water made visible by the fireworks light.

And there you have it, these are our best fishing destinations for this year’s Fourth of July! How do you like the list? Before you answer, we’re well aware that there are many other fantastic fisheries across the country. Next year, your home waters may just make the cut! Until then, happy Independence Day!

Is there a fishery you‘d like to see on our Fourth of July list? Will you be spending the holiday fishing? Let us know in the comments below! And if you’re still looking for some inspiration, check out our articles from 2021 and 2022.

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