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deep sea fishing

Some folks get a little worried about the dangers of deep sea fishing. But here’s the deal, the two most common issues that happen during deep-sea fishing adventures are quite preventable:

Deep Sea Fishing Tips


Yep, that’s the number one concern. So, slap on some sunscreen (SPF, they call it) to shield your skin from the sun’s harsh rays. A sunburn is no fun!


That’s when your body doesn’t have enough water. To avoid it, make sure you drink plenty of water. It’s way better than sugary sodas. But don’t worry, having a soda or two is alright as long as you’re sipping on water too.

Now, if you’re curious and want to learn more cool facts about deep-sea fishing, keep reading!

Changing Fishing Spots

If you keep fishing in the same spot, you’ll find different fish every month. It’s because things change in the deep sea, especially the water’s temperature. In the summer, you’ll encounter big game fish like cobia. When the fall comes, the water cools down, and you’ll discover blackfish and bass. Understanding when the fish come and go in your favorite fishing spot helps you prepare to catch them.

The Deepest Spot

The deepest part of the ocean is called the Mariana Trench, and it’s a whopping 36,201 feet deep! But don’t worry, when it comes to deep-sea fishing, we usually don’t go that deep. We stick to around 2,000 feet deep. There’s so much about the deep ocean that remains a mystery, which makes deep-sea fishing super exciting. Sometimes, you might even catch something no one’s ever seen before!

Staying in the Deep

Not all deep-sea fish swim near the shore. They prefer the cold water because it has more oxygen than warm, shallow water. So, if you want to catch unique fish species, you’ve got to venture into deeper waters. Deep-sea fish also grow slowly and live a really long time, which explains why they get so big. If you’re after a massive trophy fish, deep waters are the place to be.

The Biggest Fish Ever

Believe it or not, the world record for the heaviest fish caught in saltwater is a whopping 2,664 pounds! It wasn’t just any fish; it was a great white shark off the coast of Australia in 1959. Who knows what’s lurking off the Florida Coast? We’ve got Goliath Groupers for sure, but a trophy-sized shark could always be out there.

deep sea fishingUsing Special Gear for Bigger Fish

When it comes to deep-sea fishing, we use pretty much the same gear as regular fishing, but it’s heavy-duty to handle those enormous fish in the deep waters. We’re talking about hammerhead sharks, tuna, marlin, and more. The biggest shark ever caught in Florida was a whopping 1,065 pounds and over 12 feet long. Heavy-duty gear is your best friend when you’re hunting for trophy-level fish.

Fishing by Moonlight

Here’s a fascinating fact – fishing at night with a full moon can be even better! The moonlight helps predatory fish see their prey, and it makes baitfish swim closer to the surface. Plus, during the full moon, tides are stronger, making baitfish more active and predators work harder. So, if you want an exciting Myrtle Beach fishing adventure, try going out during a full moon or even a new moon. Some overnight charters can introduce you to the thrill of fishing at night.

Fishing the Weather Front

When a weather front is approaching, bringing in colder air, that’s the perfect time for deep sea fishing. The fish get all active, especially the baitfish, and they feed like there’s no tomorrow. It’s one of the best times for deep-sea fishing. But remember, when the weather front passes, and things calm down and warm up, the fish aren’t as lively, and fishing gets a bit tougher.

Deep Sea Fishing Basics

So, what’s deep sea fishing in Myrtle Beach all about? Well, it’s fishing in waters deeper than 30 meters. The boats used for deep-sea fishing are more substantial than those for regular fishing because they need to handle rough waters and storms. The main reason folks love deep-sea fishing is that you can catch more massive and more aggressive fish.

Think hammerhead sharks, tiger sharks, great white sharks, cobia, marlin, tuna, and many more. Even if you’re a beginner, booking a charter boat is a great way to get into deep-sea fishing. The crew and captain will teach you the ropes, help you target the big trophy fish, and ensure you have an awesome adventure.

Happy fishing! Call Voyager Deep Sea Fishing & Dolphin Cruises now for an exciting and memorable fishing trip.

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