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How To Make The Most of Your Deep Sea Fishing Trip

deep sea fishing

These top ten tips for charter fishing can help you get the most out of your trip. They will also help you achieve success. Here are some deep sea fishing tips you need to know.

Charter Fishing: Deep sea fishing tips

1. Book a boat that has a bathroom

There are limitations to being on a boat for 8 hours. If you want to make your fishing trip more enjoyable, ensure restrooms are available. It’s important always to be prepared for when nature calls. The alternative can be quite uncomfortable. No one wants to “expose” that truth.

2. Focus on learning and not just catching.

Charter boat anglers often make the mistake of having unrealistic expectations. Focus on learning to fish instead of catching fish. Your skill level will determine what, or if anything, you can catch.

3. Clarify what you are looking for.

It’s vital that you tell your captain about any specific fish requests or species you wish to target when you book your charter. The captains are extremely knowledgeable and know how to navigate the waters. They can pair you up with other fishermen who share your interests. When you’re on a mixed-charter boat, accommodating everyone on board is often necessary. But nothing stops you from getting in on the action if you’re clear and realistic about your expectations and what you’re looking for. Give the captain some options, and keep your list short. Some fish are not in season or may be unavailable due to their migration.

4. Pack Smart

Most charter boats will list the equipment you need to bring. Water and food should be at the top of your list. This list is meant to make you feel comfortable while fishing long hours. This list will always include clothing, food, medications, sunscreen, cameras, and polarized glasses. The weather can be unpredictable when you are fishing. Even though it may seem sunny and beautiful, in just an hour, the weather can change (especially if you are fishing in Myrtle Beach). Pack clothing that will keep you comfortable in wind, rain and sun. It is a good idea to dress in layers.

5. Mutual Respect

Your charter boat captain is a professional with a high level of skill. The captain of your charter boat may not be dressed in a suit or tie, but his/her skill and education are top-notch. Every trip you go on with a good Captain, he will help you complete your fishing bucket list. Respecting him will help you achieve this. Asking permission to board his boat is a good idea. Allow him to welcome your arrival. It’s his office.

deep sea fishing6. You Should Know When to Fish

You need to know the best time to go fishing if you are targeting a specific fish species. The captain can help you decide when it’s best to go fishing for that special fish and when you should make your booking. This includes not only the time of the year but also the day. Some fish are more energetic in the morning, while others are more active at night. By knowing when to fish, you can focus on the type of fish that you are trying to catch.

7. Prepare yourself for seasickness

You should be prepared for seasickness, whether this is your first charter boat trip or if you’ve done it before. Take your seasickness medication as directed and at least one hour before heading to the boat. It is important that the medication be working in your body before you board the boat. Also, ensure you have enough medication to take another dose if fishing lasts more than 4 hours.

8. Understanding Tipping

Most charter boats include a section for tipping on their websites, as tipping is a major source of income. You will want to know if tips are distributed among the entire crew or only certain members and how much is acceptable. You should tip the crew well if you enjoyed your time with them and they have been kind to you. You are learning valuable lessons from them and gaining the necessary skills to be able to fish independently. This service is invaluable and should be valued.

9. Be a friend

Charter boats are often filled with people who do not know each other. You should be accommodating when you’re aboard a charter boat. Make friends on the boat. Even if the relationship is only for a few hours, it can prove to be extremely beneficial during your fishing trip. People who meet aboard charter boats often become lifelong buddies and enjoy their sport in various locations.

10. Improve your fishing techniques

Charter boats are happy to welcome those who have never fished. Improving your Myrtle Beach deep sea fishing skills is good, even if you are an experienced fisherman. Watching videos on how to handle large fish can help you achieve this. Videos on knotting and rigging can be a great source of information. Videos about charter boating are excellent, too, as they let you experience charter boat fishing even if you’re not there. This knowledge will allow you to adapt to the boat’s fishing style quickly.

If you’ve never fished or have some experience but haven’t used a charter boat before, these tips will help you succeed. Call Voyager Deep Sea Fishing & Dolphin Cruises now if you’re interested in enjoying a memorable fishing experience.

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Scott Engle
These guys were amazing. Myself and about 20 other family members went fishing with these guys. They were incredibly helpful. The captain put us on fish everytime we moved. He avoided the rain as long as possible. I don’t think any of us walked away without catching at least 5 fish. We had a blast and we will definitely be back.

Dan King
Nice, chill cruise with a friendly crew and captain. Bonus that we got to see a rather large pod of porpoises and the captain did well to keep them close to the boat where we all could see. The mellow cruise out and back were enjoyable, though – would definitely come back.

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