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Get ready for Costa Rica’s world-class billfish bite in 2020

Pretty well everyone knows about Costa Rica’s world-class billfish bite. From December through April, the waters off Costa Rica’s Central Pacific coast teem with billfish. Anglers from the four corners of the globe come to Los Sueños Marina and Pez Vela Marina to catch sailfish and marlin.

In addition, these two popular marinas host some of the world’s most prestigious billfish tournaments during this period. The acclaimed Los Sueños Signature Triple Crown and the Offshore World Championship at Quepos are just two of many.

One can also add the Pescadora Championship at Pez Vela, a new but increasingly popular billfish tournament for women anglers only.

Getting ready for the 2020 billfish season

In anticipation of the upcoming billfish season, many boats like the ones below find themselves out of the water for major overhauls. Captains, mates and skilled crews are scraping and painting hulls. Marine mechanics are also rebuilding and fine-tuning skittish, ornery inboard diesels. In addition, marine electricians are examining and repairing  every inch of sportfishing yachts’ intricate and delicate electrical systems.

The above boats constitute just three of many. Furthermore, salons and cabins are being modernized. Owners and captains are also replenishing their fishing gear with new rods and reels. Most likely, many boats will have new GPS, fish finders and UHF radios this season.

All this work is being done so that you can catch fish.

Book your Costa Rica billfish trip now

Book your Costa Rica fishing trip with FishCostaRica now. Call 1-800-407-9438 from the USA. You can also call 1-858-736-9031 from the USA and Canada. From everywhere else, call +506 2282-7215. And if you have Whatsapp, the number is +5o6 7125-8852. You can also contact us by email.

Catch billfish in Costa Rica. FishCostaRica will recommend Costa Rica’s top sportfishing charter boats and captains. You can also choose what Costa Rica fishing destination you prefer. Ask us about where and when it is best to fish.

Fish the Caribbean for tarpon and snook

Also, don’t forget the Caribbean! Take advantage of the current tarpon and snook bite. In addition, you can catch freshwater species such as guapote (rainbow bass), mochaca and mojarra. FishCostaRica books all-inclusive tarpon and snook packages with Captain Eddie Brown, Costa Rica’s top tarpon fisherman/guide. We can also book all-inclusive tarpon and snook packages at exotic Rio Indio Lodge just over the border in Nicaragua.

Billfish enthusiasts, it doesn’t get much better than this:

You too can battle a marlin in 2020 (Photo courtesy of DropOff Sportfishing and FECOP)

Contact FishCostaRica now so that you can get your trophy sailfish and marlin in 2020. And don’t forget – in addition to billfish, Costa Rica’s Pacific offshore waters abound in prized dorado (mahi-mahi) and yellowfin tuna. Furthermore, snapper and grouper caught inshore make delicious eating. So make Costa Rica your official 2020 fishing destination.


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