February 26, 2024

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Gear and Tackle: Jersey Shore Fall Run (From The Surf Ep. 2)

While the fishing was tougher than I’d hoped, I still managed to stick a couple stripers while filming the second episode of From The Surf. Here’s the tackle from the episode:

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Yeti LoadOut GoBox 60
I started my season with the GoBox 30, but switched to the bigger box as soon as I got my hands on one.  I filled half the container with cut downspout tubing, to store plugs. The rest is loaded with just about anything I’d need on a surf fishing trip, and a lot of stuff I don’t, but that I like packing anyway.

Fin-Nor Flybridge Sunglasses (with Lateral Line Lenses)

The Lateral Line lenses from Fin-Nor are designed for lower-light situations when high contrast is beneficial, like when looking for dark patches of bait in the surf.

Yeti Yonder Water Bottle with Tether Cap
A rugged, lighter water bottle that clips to the belt comes in handy when following a blitz down the beach (especially when that blitz stays out of range.)

Shimano Tiralejo XX 10’6″ and Shimano Ultegra Ci4+ 14000, with 40-pound-test Seaguar Smackdown Stealth Gray
This is a fast-action, long-casting setup, I was using when I thought some extra distance would help me land a pencil in front of some feeding back.

Van Staal VS200 and Prototype St. Croix Surf Rod with 40-pound Seaguar Smackdown Flash Green
This rod has a more moderate action, and I like it for fishing jigs and plastics. When casting distance isn’t a factor, this setup is more comfortable to fish lures with.

Z-Man HerculeZ and Big Bait Fishing 6″ Thump Me Series with Gravity Tackle 1-ounce Atlas X Jighead
The only bites I got came on paddletails that I dragged along the bottom under the schools of peanut bunker.

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