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Galveston’s Best Places to Cook Your Catch for 2024

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If a gastronomic and angling adventure is on your bucket list, look no further than Galveston. Situated in the heart of the Gulf Coast, this charming Texas town is second to none when it comes to wetting your line and whetting your appetite! Put two and two together, and it becomes clear that Galveston is your gateway to a stellar catch-and-cook experience.

In the following sections, we’ll share a list of restaurants known for their “You Hook It, We Cook It” service. Be it Redfish, Red Snapper, or Mahi Mahi, read on and find out where you can cook your catch in Galveston.

Hook and Cook Restaurants in Galveston

Waterman’s Restaurant

Address: 14302 Stewart Road

If outdoor dining in a scenic setting ranks high on your priority list, then Waterman’s Restaurant is tailored for you. Their elevated patio overlooks Lake Como and boasts unobstructed sunset views. Add a menu that caters to even the most discerning palate, and you know you’ll be in for a treat. But that’s not all.

A photo featuring a sunset view over the jetties and bay in Galveston

Located above the marina, Waterman’s is an ideal dock-and-dine stop. They’re also pet-friendly, so bring your dog after a fun-filled day on the water. Of course, don’t forget your catch of the day! Waterman’s is famous for their Texas-style steaks and freshly prepared seafood. So, your trophy fish will be in good hands. Their “You Catch It, We Cook It” offer comes at the price of $18, and you choose if you want it grilled or fried. Just make sure to contact them in advance to agree on the details.

Katie’s Seafood House

Address: 2000 Wharf Road

Moving toward Pelican Island, you’ll come across a seafood oasis – Katie’s Seafood House. No catch-and-cook place in Galveston is as unique and special as Katie’s. Owned and operated by Buddy and his wife Katie, this is the ultimate “boat-to-table” restaurant. And here’s why.

A photo featuring a potential Galveston catch after being cooked and served on a plate with fries, salad, and sauce

With a long-running history of being a fisherman and a seafood wholesaler, Buddy decided to enter Galveston’s culinary scene. And it made perfect sense. Who better to guarantee freshly prepared fish than an angler and owner of the Seafood Market? It’s no surprise that the secret ingredient of Katie’s Seafood House is daily and locally sourced seafood. Needless to say, they’ll know how to take good care of your freshly caught fish.

Marina Bar and Grill

Address: 715 N Holiday Drive

Similar to Waterman’s and Katie’s, our next catch-and-cook spot in Galveston is conveniently located in the marina and boasts great views of the water. Nothing is more inviting than pleasant outdoor seating and delicious food after a long day of fishing, and Marina Bar and Grill promises just that.

A photo featuring a seafood platter full of fried fish, hush puppies, and other seafood bites served on a plate with lemon and salad

What makes customers return to Marina Bar and Grill is their signature burger. But don’t be discouraged, though, because they’re equally skillful in turning seafood into palate-rewarding bites. Their po-boys, seafood baskets, and hook-and-cook meals won’t leave you indifferent. They’ll cook your Galveston catch to perfection and serve it with a side of fries or hush puppies.

Huli Huli Hut

Address: 312 19th Street

Next up, we have Huli Huli Hut, a tucked-away Hawaiian-style eatery. What it lacks in seaside seating, Huli Huli Hut makes up for in memorable dishes and live music. In other words, Huli Huli Hut is a soul-warming hidden gem you simply have to check out when you’re in Galveston.

A photo featuring a southern specialty of a delicious Crawfish dish served with several corn cobs in a bowl

Huli Huli Hut’s loyal guests praise this Galveston favorite for its finger-licking Crawfish, Blue Crab, and various other catch-and-cook meals. Your “sea to table” specialty will prepared just the way you like it, and will come served with two sides and a salad. Word has it that their seasoning is lip-smacking! But there’s only one way to confirm if the rumors are true… Bring your catch of the day and have them do their magic.

Topwater Grill

Address: 815 Avenue O, San Leon

Just a 30-minute drive across the Galveston Causeway toward San Leon, and you’ll find yourself next to one of the best-voted restaurants in the area – Topwater Grill. With over 4,700 guests being satisfied with its service and menu, it would be a shame not to mention this catch-and-cook corner just outside Galveston.

A photo featuring a typical Galveston catch-and-cook deep fried fish fillet and served on a plate with two hush puppies, lemon, sauce, and salad

At Topwater Grill you’ll be off the beaten track and away from the hustle and bustle of the urban area. Pair this up with a stunning view of Galveston Bay and a toothsome hook-and-cook meal, and your dining experience will end up with a five-star review too. You can choose if you want your fish fried or grilled. And, depending on your preference, the dish will also be served with fries, hush puppies, shrimp slaw, or lemon butter, rice pilaf, and mixed veggies. You can almost already taste it!

Stingaree Restaurant and Marina

Address: 1295 N Stingaree Drive, Crystal Beach

You can’t go home from the Galveston area without hitting Stingaree Restaurant and Marina. This family-owned restaurant is situated just 15 miles away from Galveston and has been a local gathering place since 1986. The list of reasons to love Stingaree is long and their “You Hook ’em, We Cook ’em” offer is most certainly one of them. But what sets them apart from the other catch-and-cook restaurants?

A photo featuring a Cajun-blackened Redfish served on a plate with lemon and dirty rice, delicious and finger-licking good, just the way your Galveston catch-and-cook meal should be

They have a cleaning and filleting station right below the restaurant. This means you can simply pull up your boat after a long day of fishing and have them clean and cook your catch while you’re sipping their signature ice-cold Stingarita. You can have your fish fried, grilled, or prepared Cajun-style for only $14.95. Judging by their specialty, Redfish Louie, if you catch a Redfish, opt for this Cajun-blackened fish dish.

Galveston Catch and Cook Restaurants: Additional Information

A photo featuring Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier and its roller coasters, panoramic rides, and carnival games at sunrise

While almost all restaurants from the list welcome walk-ins, we recommend reserving your spot ahead of time. The same goes for the hook-and-cook service itself. Some places, such as Stingaree, take pride in being able to take care of your fish on the spot, but others might need a heads-up. Last but not least, it’s also customary to bring an already cleaned and filleted fish. So, make sure you get in touch with your chosen restaurant in advance and agree on all the details.

Have you ever brought your catch to any of these restaurants? Do you have a Galveston catch-and-cook eatery to recommend? Hit the comment button below and share your experience with us!

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