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Galapagos Marlin bite is on fire in April 2023

Galapagos Islands Marlin Fishing Report

Fellow anglers if you are not booked to fish the Galapagos in 2023 then you are missing out!  Phenomenal bite the last week with several Ecuagringo and Sportfishing Galapagos boats.  Over 500 striped marlin raised in 3 days of fishing between 2 to 4 boats fishing each day.

April 18, 2023– Patricia fishing on 0-30 bank with guest Keith Hickson raised 7 striped marlin and 1 blue marlin and released 1/3 on striped marlin and 1/1 on a blue marlin about 300#.  They had a total of 5 bites.  The real story was Española banks from San Cristobal Island where On The Hook fishing with Robert & Jennifer Lowery raised over 50  striped marlin had 25 bites and released 12.  Vertigo 1 also raised 50 plus striped marlin had 25 bites and released 11.  Another boat also raised 50 plus striped marlin and released 8.

April 19, 2023– On The Hook raised 55 striped marlin had 26 bites and released 13 with guest Robert and Jennifer Lowery.  The Lowery’s said the fish wore them out.  Vertigo 1 raised 52 striped marlin had 24 bites and released 12. Vertigo 2  fished for only an 1 hour and released 3 and raised 8 marlin before going in at guest request. A fourth boat reported raising over 40 marlin and releasing 8 striped marlin.

April 20, 2023– On The Hook raised almost 52 striped marlin by 1 pm had 23 bites and released 10 striped marlin.  The Lowery’s were tired and went in to do some inshore fishing and caught mahi mahi. Another boat in the area reported raising 60 striped marlin all day and releasing 8.

Folks it does not get much better than what is happening right now.  You are missing this incredible bite.  The Galapagos have striped marlin year round but if you want to go in prime time then you need to book until June and even July this year.  We have several boats, crews and the tackle for you to enjoy the best available in the Galapagos.

Contact us at info@ecuagringo.com or (754) 703-1991

Last Minute Galapagos Special:

Book at least 3 days of fishing in a complete package for San Cristobal Island By April 30, 2023 and get and additional day of fishing for 50% off.  Valid for fishing anytime in the remainder of 2023.

If you want to go call us today! We are running out of space for 2024 and booking 2025!!!

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Title: Galapagos Marlin Bite Is On Fire This April 2023
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