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Galapagos Islands For Giant Blue Marlin?

Ecuagringo is looking to possibly fish 2023 all year long with an El Niño event now present.  The warmer waters in the usually colder months should keep the marlin around longer. We are now offering fishing trips designed to target blue marlin out of San Cristobal Island where you may combine with striped marlin.  Isabela Island is expressly for the largest of female blue marlin to swim the Pacific.

Long range trips to Genovesa and Fernandina islands may also be arrange.  Both areas have been known to produce giant blue marlin.  If you want to roll the dice for some of the biggest blue marlin in the Pacific then the Galapagos should be on your list. We have the options and can customize almost anything you want.

Isabela Island & The Giant Blue Marlin

Last 5 years have been producing huge blue marlin out of Isabela Island with fish over 1000# pounds and most averaging 500 to 900#.  Some days the fishing is active with 5 raises a day and other times you can go 5 days to raise 1 fish.  The reward is in the size of the fish.  Originally we started with 80# tackle but the fish wound up being just too big and moved up to 130# which on some fish still can be light!

Isabela has taking a few years to get the word out but is becoming a staple for some anglers coming back each year and a batch of first time anglers ready to test the water.  Our company has the best equipped boats and tackle and for 2024 we will be able to have two fully equipped boats with 130# tackle and possibly a third boat if needed.

San Cristobal Blue Marlin Options

Although the blue marlin out of San Cristobal are not known for their size like out of Isabela fish in the 300 to 650 range are not uncommon.  Punta Pitt, and areas dropping off Española and Rosa Blanca banks are quite good for a couple of daily shots at blues.  You have the option when fishing the banks if the blues are not bitting to go after striped marlin on the banks.  San Cristobal is famous for its striped marlin bite but the blue marlin bite is not bad when knowing where to search.

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Mothership & Sportfisher Long Range Trips

We have been now working diligently to try to put together a couple of options for those who want truly something different.  Long range trips assisted by either artesanal or tour/cruise ships to serve as motherships.  Explore the Northern Islands of the Archipelago such as Genovesa and Marchena known for large blue marlin or go to the West side of Isabela and fish the drops next to the island of Fernandina.

Getting To The Galapagos & Same Day Flight From Miami Coming Up!

The Galapagos are a 4 hour direct flight from Fort Lauderdale or Miami, Florida to Guayaquil, Ecuador and another 1 hour and 40 minute flight.  Soon there will be a flight from Miami to Manta, Ecuador and then on to San Cristobal, Galapagos essentially allowing anglers to arrive the same day to Galapagos.

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If you want to save big and fish the Galapagos or tour then this is the time to do it.  Book any complete package to fish, tour or visit the Galapagos and get 20% off regular price.  Ecuagringo has the best boats, tackle and guides to show you the best time wether fishing, snorkeling, diving, hiking, biking, trekking or more.

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