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Galapagos Islands Are Open To Fish & Tour

Folks if you are tired of the Covid19 and not fishing or traveling then the Galapagos Islands are perfect to enjoy nature and social distance. Ecuagringo can arrange all private tours and fishing charters to the Galapagos so you come into minimal contact with others.

The large islands and open seas will help you catch all the sun and fishing experiences you want. Lots of birds, marine iguanas, sea lions and of course marlin, tuna, wahoo and bottom fish to make your stay more exciting.

Life will go on and as people around the world learn to live and cope with Covid19 as they have with many other viruses travel should get back to allowing you to do what you love. The Galapagos Islands are a unique fishing and adventure paradise for those who know how to live or want to discover the best in life. Our custom packages are trips of the lifetime that will have you talking about what you did for years to come.

2020 Started Out As The Best Fishing Season In 10 Years

January to mid March before the Galapagos Islands were shut down due to the Covid19 pandemic the fishing was exceptional. Fishing out of San Cristobal Island had been increasing for the past 4 years getting better and better.

Most days our boats were averaging 20 to 50 fish raises daily of angry striped marlin 120 to 250 pounds with a few close to the 300 pound mark. If you have been waiting to fish a destination that you can only imagine in your dreams then the Galapagos are for you. Nowhere else in the world do we know of a place where you can year round consistently have double digit shots at marlin.

Ready To Plan Your Fishing Trip Of A Lifetime?

Ecuagringo understands your concerns when it comes to travel and Covid19. We are taking every precaution possible to keep you safe an informed. The Galapagos Islands officially opened up to tourism again July 1, 2020. Flights will continue to be irregular for the month of July but will be coming back starting August 1, 2020.

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Our staff is ready to help you plan and book your trip of a lifetime to the world’s best marlin fishing hotspot. Our packages can be customized to include fishing, touring, island hopping and more. The Galapagos are safe with virtually no crime. Anglers and anyone with a sense of adventure of any age is welcome to come and experience this incredible destination.

August to November Are Coolest Months In The Galapagos

For those who prefer to stay away from the hotter and more humid months the Galapagos Islands offer weather of 70 to 80 F average from August to November. The Galapagos are influenced form July to November mainly by the Humboldt current bringing cooler water from the Antarctic. Nutrients from the upwellings attract baitfish and and larger pelagics as well. If you would like to visit the Galapagos at the coolest time of the year call us today to plan your trip.

Avet Reels Coming To The Ecuagringo Line Up!

We are dumping Penn Reels after they refused to give us outfitter pricing considering that we work with more tackle than many by outfitting 5 boats every year. We are proud to use to Avet Reels which are made in USA.

Our boats will be featuring all types of Avet Reels and all our tackle will be cycled out by

Ecuagringo Is The First & Longest Running Outfitter In The Galapagos Islands

Our company began guided feral goat hunts on the islands in 1993. By 1998 we were working on getting the first charter boat to fish the incredible marlin waters. In 2000 we hosted our first charters and have been running ever since.

We are the only outfitter to offer multiple boats, the most variety of quality tackle and the two best fishing destinations in the Galapagos Islands. If you are looking to target striped marlin in numbers and sizes found nowhere else the San Cristobal Island is for you. If you want your best chances at giant blue marlin in the Pacific Ocean then you need to fish Isabela Island. We put together customizable packages to fish, tour, explore and enjoy the Galapagos.

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