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FishingBooker’s highest-rated captains ensure customers are satisfied

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We’re shining a light on a small but very important group today: captains who have over 500 reviews each on FishingBooker. Reaching this number is no mean feat, so we want to congratulate you all on your hard work and for giving customers some unforgettable memories.

A whopping 99.9% of customers read reviews before they buy something. In a world where online recommendations are slowly replacing word-of-mouth, letting your reviews do the talking for you can be a big business boost. But is there a secret to encouraging customers to share their thoughts? We chatted with two of FishingBooker’s most-reviewed captains to find out…

“Being genuine is why customers leave me reviews”

It’s fair to say that Captain Randy Elliott from Fisher of Men knows the charter industry inside out. He considers himself to have been “pretty much born into” the business, and has racked up over 47 years of experience. He started off working on fishing boats with his dad before making the leap to start his own charter, running trips around South Carolina.

In the beginning, he offered shared trips to customers on a boat that could hold up to 20 people. “We would just put mixed parties together or answer the phone [for trip requests],” he says, “but now I do only private groups.” Moving to a smaller boat has made a big difference, as it gives Capt. Randy plenty more time to “connect with people and just be their friend.”

His personable nature and willingness to connect have also led to repeat customers. “With FishingBooker and just in general,” he tells us, “I have people come back to fish every year. One customer even calls me at the beginning of every year and prays for me, and thanks me, and checks on me all the time.”

When it comes to his reviews, Capt. Randy insists that there’s no secret recipe for encouraging customers to share their thoughts. “The fish might bite, the fish may not bite,” he says, “And I just try to be honest with people. You take me as I am and you make your choice on what kind of review you want to give me. If I’m doing my job, I shouldn’t have to ask for one!”

In fact, Capt. Randy has never requested a review from a customer. He’s been using FishingBooker for around 7 years – “I was probably one of the first!” he says. He recognizes that time has played a part in his success, but what keeps customers coming back and wanting to share their experiences? “It’s about showing people that, yeah, you spend your time and money with me, but I want to hear your problems. I care about what’s going on in your life.”

“I let my customers have as much enjoyment on the water as I do”

Like Capt. Randy, Captain Mike Regan decided to start up Line Check Charters because of his love for angling. “I did grow up fishing a lot,” he says, “and I’ve always been drawn to the ocean. When I went to college up in Illinois, I couldn’t get back to saltwater quick enough!” Now based in Galveston, TX, he uses his natural “affinity for business” to let customers have as much enjoyment on the water as himself.

“I started the business to give people the chance – that don’t have boats or the ability to be on the water every day – to get out there and have fun,” he explains. However, Capt. Mike understands that customers have very different expectations about how their trip should look. “I don’t man-handle the trip to what I want,” he says. “I’m out there to fish for them, not for me. And I wear a lot of hats out there! Sometimes I’m just a captain, sometimes I’m a tour guide…it’s whatever the customer wants.”

Capt. Mike believes this willingness to be flexible and listen to his customers is what sets him apart from the crowd. “A lot of guides will say, ‘I’m going to go fish for what I know is fighting and what I want to catch for today,’ but I don’t do that,” he explains. “I say, ‘Hey, what do you guys want to catch?’” Then, he uses their requests and his first-class fishing knowledge to tailor the trip perfectly to them.

Just like Capt. Randy, Capt. Mike doesn’t ask his customers for reviews, mentioning that “mainly they happen organically.” He also highlights how FishingBooker helps out: “You guys follow up with them after the trip so I don’t have to.” This means he can focus on what’s truly important – providing excellent customer service. “When I see the smile on their face, that puts a smile on my face,” he says. “When a little kid gets so excited because he caught his first fish, that’s the moment that matters.”

Who are the businesses with over 500 reviews?

Capt. Randy and Capt. Mike both focus on going the extra mile for their customers, which means they’ve built up over 500 reviews each on FishingBooker – but they’re not the only ones. Here’s the full list of captains who managed to reel in 500 or more reviews over the past year by putting excellent customer service at the forefront of their business…

US charters

Captain Andy – Party Boat Fishing ⚓805 reviews
Galveston Offshore ⚓805 reviews
Line Check Charters ⚓764 reviews
Action Charter Service Inc. ⚓752 reviews
Reel Easy Charters ⚓746 reviews
Captain Buddy’s ⚓679 reviews
East Pass Inshore Charters ⚓651 reviews
MAXIMUS ⚓651 reviews
Fisher Of Men Charters ⚓627 reviews
MM Charters ⚓626 reviews
Wet Lines Fishing ⚓624 reviews
Rodbender Fishing Charters ⚓608 reviews
Fish Hook II Charters ⚓608 reviews
Easy Does It ⚓591 reviews
Party/Walk-On 30-65 Passenger Trip ⚓559 reviews
Lucky Strike Charters ⚓528 reviews

Non-US charters

Cabo Sportfishing Crew – Blue Tail ⚓692 reviews
Black Marlin Sportfishing ⚓555 reviews

Special shoutout: 1000+ reviews!

Angler’s Dream Fishing ⚓1086 reviews

Every captain has their own way of making sure future customers know exactly what to expect on a trip with them. Reviews are the number one way to show exactly what you’re capable of. They’re not just a reflection of your fishing skills but the passion, dedication, and commitment you bring to your business every day. Here’s to tight lines, happy customers, and creating even more five-star memories!

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