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FishingBookerDirect: It’s a time-saver for me as a captain who works alone

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Captain Mathew Messing of Messin’ Around likes to describe himself as a one-man band. Although he runs his business alone, his customers receive an abundance of fishing knowledge. He’s based on the Puget Sound and grew up fishing the area’s plentiful waters, so he has plenty of local tips and tricks to share. As well as listing his business on FishingBooker, he also uses FishingBooker Direct, which lets his direct guests book him through his website – commission-free. Here’s how it helps him save time and focus on running awesome trips…

“It’s only me running my boat,” he tells us, “so usually when a customer calls about booking a trip, I’m out on the water.” To navigate this, Capt. Mat relies on text templates letting customers know he’s not available. “If it’s a cell phone, it goes through good,” he says. “But sometimes I get landlines where they can’t receive texts.”

“This is where FishingBooker Direct helps me out,” says Capt. Mat. “I can just quickly tell customers that I’m out on the water and to go look on my site and hit the ‘book now’ button. They can see the calendar, so they can figure out which days I’m free.” Navigating Capt. Mat’s website is a breeze, too: “I’ve got two little ‘book now’ buttons right at the top of the homepage which take people directly to my FishingBooker Direct booking page.”

It’s not just a breeze for customers – setting up FishingBooker Direct was also a really simple process for Capt. Mat. “I got the link sent to me in an email and I just copy and pasted the widget to my webpage,” he tells us. “I have some webpage knowledge and I didn’t need anyone else to help me.. It was pretty straightforward.”

That’s not to say that Capt. Mat didn’t have some questions about FishingBooker Direct, though. “Firstly, I needed to know that the calendar would work with my private calendar,” he says. “It does, and this is a big reason why I chose Direct over any other platforms. Whenever I have questions about the calendar, someone’s always around to answer them.”

“I also wanted to know about credit processing fees,” Capt. Mat says, “but it turns out it’s the same as what I was charged when I was processing payments over the phone – but with Direct, I also get support and extra benefits. I was like, ‘Well, ok. This works.’”

And the biggest benefit for Capt. Mat? “If there’s one thing that immediately jumps out, it’s the time-saving aspect,” he claims. “I just direct people to the site, then tell them to find a day and hit the ‘book now’ button. Everything is on there!”

Whether you work alone or with a whole team of captains, FishingBooker Direct lets your own customers book a trip through your website, social media, or via invite – commission-free. Interested in trying it out? Get in touch!

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Title: FishingBooker Direct: It saves me time as a solo captain
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